Corey Feldman Finally Names His Abuser

corey feldman abuser

One of Hollywood’s biggest secrets was which predatory man abused Corey Feldman when he was a child actor. The star claimed he was assaulted at age 13 or 14 by the man and “multiple” other people.

He finally named his abuser on an episode of Dr. Oz.

The 80s star said the man who attacked him is named John Grissom, an actor who had parts in some of Feldman’s films, such as License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream.

Grissom denied Feldman’s accusations in the comment section of YouTube by saying:

“I said it’s not me I’m sick and tired of saying that when no one listens. So godd*mnit I’m not repeating it anymore.”

corey feldman abuser john grissom


  1. He gave more names to name, Jon is the one that doesn’t have a lot to lose..
    They were so busy trying to add boys to Michael Jackson, they let these Hollyweird white men go untouched for decades..SMH

  2. I agree. But you have to admit any time a grown man entertains boys in his bedroom over night, there is a reason to ask why. If he wasn’t MJ, he would not have been able to continue the practice of it. Doesn’t mean he did sexual stuff – means he had arrested development.

    • I love me some micheal jackson and after i read jermaine’s book my gut is telling me that he didn’t touch them kids for real. I could be terribly wrong though lol. He made a fool outta tha santa barbara police with the first case. So i think they’re lying about finding porn on the estate; probably did that to save face. MJ was a misunderstood soul.

      • Mj was a pedophile. Fuk u talkinbout misunderstood soul, let yo kids gets in the bed wit his funky peter pan ass pedophile behind. Thats why the kids got molested dumb asses talkinbiut he misunderstood raping they kids. I fuckin hate humanity real talk

        • Yeah I have to agree. You simply cannot get to Michael’s level without doing something ‘strange’. Everybody has to pay. I’ll leave it there.

        • Thank you! Any grown black man who ignores Brooke Shields to hang out with a 9 year Emmanuel Lewis is a fucking chester!

          • he was 14 at the time plus all the other kids mike hung around, like Feldman, haim, alfonso ribero, Julian and sean lennon, yes mike slept in the bed with john lennons kids and yoko was cool with it.

            mark ronson who was dj samanthas brother who is a dyke herself, and lets not forget mj smoked weed with aaron carter when he was a teen.

    • EXACTLY!!! Like the big, powerful director he said raped Corey. Someone below said it was Charlie Sheen. While I wouldn’t put it pass Shgen, it wasn’t him. Charlie Sheen wasn’t directing back in the mid 80’s. Somebody on here or elsewhere said it was Jerry Buckheimer

  3. YT owns and controls the courts, the police, the media, the movies, etc. It’s up to them to decide if and when any of the accused will be prosecuted and/or punished.

    • CORRECTION: Straight-haired recessive CRIMINAL human APE Caucasians own and control the courts, the police, the media, the movies, etc. It’s up to them to decide if and when any of the accused will be prosecuted and/or punished within their corrupt rape/homicidal/genocidal system.

      *Fixed it for you, Anonymous 11/3/17 8:07am!

  4. Ok, so he picks some low level actor who nobody even remember or knows. WHAT ABOUT THAT BIG POWERFUL DIRECTOR YOU CLAIMED MOLESTED/RAPED THE OTHER COREY????? Do we gotta wait until you CON people out of that 10 million so you can supposedly make the movie??????

  5. They are cleaning house and getting rid of the ones that are no longer usable. He is a part of the agenda, he will never tell on the real abuser because his very life and the lives of his family members depends upon it. Ask yourself when is the last time he had a lucrative business deal in the works with movies or otherwise?

    Follow the money, all these people who are naming names all of a sudden are a part of the agenda. They do as they are told to keep their filthy lucre and so called fame.


    • Agree…

      The true big wigs will never be outed or brought to justice.

      There is no justice on this earth for those not in this rigged power structure.

  6. He will never tell on Steven Spielberg who the other Corey was ready to out as a pedophile but he died to soon of an apparent overdose? Go figure? He has so much power nobody tells on him and he’s the worst!

  7. I hope all of those pedophiles who abused the two Coreys are brought to justice. Watching their movies was a big part of my childhood. Downloaded Lost Boys and License to Drive off iTunes. talented young actors …RIP Corey Haim

    • And mine. I loved the 80’s. Best decade of my life. I watched all of $$ movies and to me, they are defining. It makes me sad to think of him being a beast but I guess since everyone else is, why not him too?

      That old saying: ‘Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are’ must apply here.

  8. Both coreys slept in the bed with mike

    Kind of odd Paris said she was raped, and tRyll Jackson said he was molested now what’s going on here the so called second generation of jacksons getting molested

    Mike fucked those kids tearing them little booty holes up

      • cc I think you are wrong. I do think MJ was molested himself and that he had arrested development and hung out with preteen boys in the business. I mean, he is dead. Corey F has nothing to lose saying that he was molested by him, yet he insists that MJ was the only one not to molest him. I think if you really look hard enough, when white hollywood’s freaky bullshit is about to be uncovered, their PTB target a top tier a black celebrity, accuse him of something heinous and put him on trial, or kill him. It is a great distraction and the masses fall for it every time.

  9. I heard somewhere along the line that the powerful director that molested the two Coreys was Joel Schumacher, who directed the Lost Boys and St. Elmo’s Fire, both of which had Charlie Sheen and one or both of the Coreys.

  10. Quote from Corey Feldman, “I can tell you that the biggest problem in hollywood was, is and always will be pedophilia.”

    Some of you naive people didn’t believe Corey Feldman. Some of you dismissed his statement as a crazy conspiracy theory. Turns out Corey is 100% correct. Damn near all of these directors, producers, agents and executives are molesting and raping children. How do you naive people feel now?

  11. So fucking sad! Corey said MJ was the only man he could be with who didn’t molest him. he said he loved MJ he was just misunderstood.

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