Trans Star Laverne Cox Calls Straight Men Who Won’t Date Trans Women Insecure

laverne cox straight men insecure

Trans actress Laverne Cox who stars in Orange Is the New Black has a message for straight men who don’t want to date her and lick her lollipop.

“Men who are into trans women who want to keep us a secret and are afraid if someone thinks they are gay, they’re insecure as f**k. If someone thinks you’re gay, gay is fabulous. Gay is amazing. There’s nothing wrong with that. Toxic masculinity is b*llsh*t.”

Is she trippin’ or does she have a point?


  1. Tripping. Most definitely tripping.

    Real straight men like myself isn’t looking for a another man to fuck, let alone to date them. So how the fuck does that makes us insecure?

  2. Men who sex trans women either secretly or openly aren’t straight…they are gay! Straight men aren’t obligated to date or give/receive sex trans women or gay men! Again they aren’t straight if they do! Moot point!

    • Cox wants to make it legal, that a straight man cannot know what he’s getting into by verbal inquiry or testing. Wants to legislate it’s discriminatory to do so. Cox don’t want gay men, don’t want bi, don’t want women. Cox wants straight men and wants the legal system to make transgender sleep with whomever they want and the other has no right to inquire about their partner.

  3. There is no such thing as a trans woman! A person is either a woman or a man. A female or a male.

    • Precisely! All these men tryna be women overnight. As if. Have a menstrual period in all its gory, twisted wannabees. A MAN can only PRETEND 2b a woman.

  4. First of all, stop calling this dude a she…you can split your dick in half and sew it to the crack of your ass all day long, men have an X and Y chromosome and women have an X and X chromosome. This will never change and this dictates who is male and female…ijs.

  5. Not toxic enough to keep you male. You are supposedly a female now and you don’t get to sleep with people who are to interested in you. You want your choices but are intolerant of other’s choices. Hypocrite.

    • This abomination wants to make it legal to prey on straight males, and withhold truth in conversation or any other way of finding out the gender lie going on. Imagine if he gets his wish. Next will be children!!! What depraved motherfucker who doesn’t respect gender boundaries cares about any boundaries. Already showing that he doesn’t care about sexual orientation boundaries but sees it as a conquest or a hurdle to be overcome.

  6. In fairness he did say men who date him or trans people in secret are insecure.

    So another BS misleading headline on HSK.

    The problem I have is this is a mental illness. People have to be evaluated a multitude of times before they go through a sex change and the fact people try to normalize it is the problem.

    Many men who do this, do it with the specific purpose of seeing if they can trick straight men and/or have sex with them, so I feel no sympathy for this dude or any of them.

    Having surgery or wearing dresses and makeup are not what make you a woman.

  7. Most gay men and gay women for that matter will tell you that they don’t like to date other men/women who look gay or act gay. They want them to act straight and appear straight.

    Peep the scene, in most of their every day live they go after straight people with both barrels blazing and what do they do when they finally succeed and seducing them??? Run and shout it from the roof tops. Now who in the hell is insecure???

    Cox needs to put…..let me just ride this one out because shim is soooo not worth it.

      • I knew a guy who was a male stripper, when he did jobs for gay guys they got payed a lot more than for jobs with women as the gay guys wanted Hetrosexual strippers.
        On a sidenote Trump did not allow Trans in the Military as he knows there has been a 1500% increse in male on male rapes since scrapping dont ask dont tell.

  8. Well I’ll take a insecure man over one that sticks his thing in males and females.! This man has got a lot of damn nerve . There are enough males that will be with his type. Leave the straight men for straight women! And vice versa!!!

    • Cox going after straight people just tells you of how insecure Cox is about choices made to live the life chosen, etc. Will never be happy, ever, always on the destructive mode to kill what God has creative for self and others. The devil resides in Cox.

  9. No, Laverne…straight men won’t date TRANS MEN because you are all mentally ill freaks. Sit the fuck down with those low-hanger balls of yours, silly cunt.

  10. Uhh, no Cox, str8 men VEHEMENtlY
    opt-out of dating trannys not because
    we are “INSECURE” but because
    thats considered GAAAAAAAY AF

    …any questions?

  11. Yup satan is the author of confusion. You will never be a woman dumb ass nigguh. We can peep ur masculinity miles away. wtf is a transgender? You are a cross dressing gay man who want real straight men to cat call u and treat u like a woman. Never bro, never i dunno who can get erect to that, its scary to me tbh. More and more when i go on youtube its a new one of these creatures talkinbout being trans or he didnt know i was damn this shit a epidemic, we need the real woman with vaginas to stand up for #realpussy #realwomen #estrogen like i cant nomore with this bullshit.

    • Real women will need to have lose gold medals by the Cox people of this world, trophies, Oscars in the women category, money, sports, everything designed for women that these people enter. Until your daughters lose the opportunity, the won’t say anything. The Olympics allowing them to compete in women category. Already a state championship winner in wresting and weight lifting. The real girls lost. It has to get worse until it gets better. This one here wants sex with a real man but does not want him the opportunity to know and reject what he’s would be sleeping with.

      • I always aks “why do they expect people to accept a fake woman when people like Cox would never accept a fake Fendi Bag?”.

  12. I wish these low down trifling ass FRAUDS would catch a menstrual cycle every month, get cramps, deal with uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and the whole nine yards. Since they want a play like a woman, they should have to earn your stripes… Can’t wait until the cosmos finish wiping the floor with these pedos, rapist and sexual assaulting MFs and come after these fake ass trannies.

  13. I am sick of these trannies being portrayed as progressive, friendly and all-inclusive. These are some sick twisted freaks of nature. They are dangerous and violent. They are disgusting, yeah, hide ya kids and get your shotgun.

  14. Sick and tired of these cispicious freaks moaning about something. Lawrence Cox is one of the worst in my opinion. Did he ever manage to get his cross-dressing, child-raping, convicted best-friend out of his male prison and into a ‘women’s’ one instead?

    Mentally ill men are best left avoided Lawrence dear.

  15. I am sooo sick of these low selfesteem losers….. if they were so secure they would embrace who they are as a man and not try to be a woman …… but anywho they are total betrayers they want to be. Queens so bad not in this life time they are a joke and they are some of the low down ass people in the world Love and Light

  16. Never trust a duplicitous transgendered person. They wish that you too can be in league with the abomination and become one yourself, even by trickery. The work of the evil one to dilute and confuse the power that is in the true system and order of the universe.

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