Lebron Slides in a Gun-Toting Snow Bunny’s DM

lebron cheating

A deer hunting, gun-toting snow bunny caught Lebron James’ eye, and she put the NBA player on blast!

Bron slid into her DMs and had this to say:

lebron caught cheating

Savannah, come get your husband!


  1. Fool trying to be slick with the DMs…

    We see you dummy and your game is lame.

  2. And she called him a buck at that. These niggas are stupid as fuck it’s beyond sad.

    • Yeah, I was not sure I read that correctly at first, he should feel extra stupid.

      Giving the Cave bitches a W while he takes an L…smfh.

      • SHM. If we black folk don’t want to be called racial epithets, then stop calling Caucasians Cave Bitches.

          • @10:30, I’m with you on that! Those devils call the Original man and woman much worse. They think truth is a hate crime. A bunch of Fucking Neanderthal caveCunts CaveHoes, CaveBitches, NeanderTHOTS and the whole nine! LOL

        • @Wayne – You are correct. Autochthonous Black/Negroid/AfRAkan people should aptly identify straight-haired mutant recessive-coded groups FORMED in underground cave estuaries of Asia by what their genetic code and blood types (A/B/AB) says they are…HYBRID APES.

          Human APE Caucasians are NOT indigenous, aboriginal nor autochthonous anywhere on the planet. They are DERIVATIVES and BY-PRODUCTS. Many are fortunate to have been upgraded with AfRAkan genes and O-blood.

          Blood Type A = Chimpanzee
          Blood Type B = Gorilla
          Blood Type Zero (0) = Autochthon/Aboriginal/Original people

  3. Nooooo Lebron!

    You have enough haters out there. Ppl get a kick out of seeing you fail. In the nba finals that is lol. A lotta these yakkety yak yak talking heads on these sports talk shows base their whole narrative around talking about u smh. As if you’re the only interesting thing about the nba.

    Don’t get on the black woman’s bad side by disrespecting your fine black wife by dming this skinny washboard overrated becky.

    I betcha that “buck” comment went rite over king james’s head lol.

  4. Women with guns is always sexy. But yea, u done fucked up bron bron. That aint no regular instagram heaux, she a outdoors bitch huntin shooting taking piss in the woods, she dont give af about being yur side hoe. She like white boys that shoot animals and call ur ass nigg3r & spicks. Not all white bishes want ur d*ck or even ur money, some just want a white man that will make her father proud lol

    • The vast majority of them do want that. She’s just the type not to say it in public. A lot of that happens in the south. These women will deny and deny.

  5. Lol.. I love her, now if all woman did this it would make these men act right. Too bad alot of wifes are okay with being a side chick. Any wife that stay with a cheating man is just as dumb as the woman he cheating with. Both them side chicks. Well i guess one a just a side chick and the other a House Maid/babysitter.

  6. She looks like a dude, and she’s probably built like a 9 year old.

    See, it’s stuff like this why these albino people continue with their delusions and harassment. They swear black people want them, but only Stockholm syndrome having ones want them.

    It’s so nasty. They swear you want them, and they have a whole fit when it’s clear you don’t.

    They have a complex because of their jealousy of African people.

  7. Us Black people need to stay in check. We love you good white folk.
    Snow bunnies are the greatest and most beautiful women on earth. I just oozed juice out of my cucumber thinking about them, especially that sexy lady gaga. Beyonce is ghetto trash compared to her whiteness.

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