Chrisette Michele Fakes a Miscarriage!

chrisette michele miscarriage

Chrisette Michele took to her Instagram to announce she had a miscarriage. While her fans were supportive, her announcement turned out to be nothing more than a stolen photo and a bunch of fake news!

Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

chrisette michele fake miscarriage

If you can stomach it, click the arrow on the Instagram picture to see the photo of Chrisette’s “miscarriage”

An Internet user image searched the bloody picture, and come to find out, Chrisette stole the miscarriage picture from the web. The photo was originally posted back in 2014 on a baby forum. Here’s the proof.



  1. Chrisette showed what a bitch she is on R&B Divas. She was mean to Chante Moore. She & Leela James, w/her unoriginal wannabe ass. Chrisette thinks more of herself than what she is. She can fade away in her own self importance. Heffa needs to learn humility which nowadays I feel she soon will.

    • ugh… Leela James is just novelty… Nothing special. She should like she had a brillo pad installed in her through. Nauseating to listen to.

    • It’s not surprising Chrisette would perform for Trump. Also on R&B Divas, she made some disparaging comments about her black audience & the venue. I’d never support this pompous bitch. She should be grateful anyone took the time to come out to pay to see her ass. There are a lot more talented singers with a better attitude. Heffa may need to find another occupation. 😛

  2. It’s so sad Chrisette lied to regain her popularity for singing for trump. Losing a baby is serious heartbreak many women have experienced, and for her to lie about losing a baby was wrong and I’m not sure she will ever regain credibility and she’s such a talent.God, help Chrisette find her authentic self.

  3. Wow what a dumb bitch! Who tf lies about having a miscarriage!! She wants people to feel sorry for her because of her own stupidity. She’s pathetic

    • I know plenty of women.who lied about getting g pregnant just to take 500 from a dude and lie about then fake like they had a abortion

  4. B. S. just because a photo from the Internet “2014” was used doesn’t necessarily mean she’s lying about having had a miscarriage. Shit people use and reuse web photos all the time.

    • Right. But this site is stupid though, so why expect anything but cut and paste from this piece of shit?

  5. If you suffered a miscarriage and want to announce it, there is no need to use a stock photo to show what a miscarriage looks like. There are dozens and dozens of photos like the one above in images. There is no indication that the 2014 picture is really from the woman that used it. When you say “here is the remnants of my miscarriage” don’t show a stock picture of it, show YOUR own. Or better yet, show none. It’s not necessary. She should say she erred in showing a stock picture and re-state. In whatever case, can we keep some things personal anymore?

    • Nope, don’t show it at all. Better yet stay the hell off the ibter-webs I agree with whoever said that celebs or Entertainers need to stop broadcasting their entire lives on social media. Are they really that insecure? There are some things, that we really don’t need to know about yall.

  6. I dunno why but im the floor rolling riight now, lmao. Did she really have 2 do that? Nobody wanna see pieces of ur uterus on paper towel girl. Yall need to leave her alone about singing for trump it was sooo beautiful and spiritual, some of yall need that in ur lifes

  7. Nauseating. I don’t want to see the alleged contents of her uterus. Should we anticipate the contents of her next bowel movement? Also, wtf did Trump ever do to hurt the community? Not a damn thing! Y’all still loving that bloody, greedy HRC. She gets a pass for the Super Predator comment on young black men. Wake up!

    • People just find a reason to be behave badly, then try to justify it. These are the same people talking about, uplifting the community, love your race…. but are the first to talk shit about another person of color. LOL SMH

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