Carmelo Anthony and OKC Thunder In Mid-Air Plane Accident

oklahoma city thunder plane accident

The Oklahoma City Thunder took a chartered flight from Minneapolis to Chicago and were involved in a mid-air collision.

The nose of the plane was completely caved in, and even Carmelo Anthony had no idea what happened.

“What possibly could we have hit in the SKY at this time of night? Everyone is Safe, Though.All Praise Due #ThunderStrong” – Carmelo Anthony

Glad they’re all safe, but you know someone on that flight sh*t their pants during the collision!


  1. If those were “regular” insignificant people ppl wouldn’t give a fucckkk.

    But because it contains these precious big headed big handed baccetball players everybody is up in arms.

    You people worship these mutha fucking celebrities. SMH.

    • You care, because you love talking shit about them.
      For a dude, you sure do talk a lot shit about people, like a bitch.

    • Agree 100%, even worse are those stories about how some star’s mother died at the of 96. Next we’ll be seeing stories about someone’s maid passed away. its getting dumb how people fawn over “celebs”

  2. And yet they want u to believe that a plane like this can just fly into a skyscraper on 9/11 like butter. A bird hit the shit & u see the damage, 9/11 debunked riight here.

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