Kathy Griffin Exposes TMZ’s Harvey Levin, Trump & Andy Cohen’s Coke Habit

kathy griffin trump harvey levin

Kathy Griffin is on a rampage after being blackballed for posing with a bloody effigy of Trump’s head.

The comedienne lost gigs and had shows canceled after she posted the photo, and she blames TMZ’s Harvey Levin for the backlash.

In the video, Kathy exposes Harvey’s relationship with Trump – confirming what we’ve all known, TMZ is nothing more than a pro-Trump propaganda machine!

She also exposes Bravo TV’s Andy Cohen for being a cokehead who offered her blow on two different occasions.

Her comments come months after former TMZ employees revealed Levin takes multiple calls from Trump every single week.

Very interesting how the owner of a gossip website would be in such close contact with the President of the US…


  1. Not really surprising about the relationship between Trump & Levi/TMZ. Isn’t TMZ owned by Warner Brothers.

    I’m surprised she didn’t say that Cohen gets his kicks watching Black folks act like disrespectful ghetto trash.

    • She kind of touched on that too but she said Andy likes to see women act a mess on TV. She didn’t specifically say black women though.

  2. Look. Whether you like him or not you can’t do that, Man! Grow up, lady. The ish wasn’t even funny. You did too much now deal with what cones with it especially if that’s something you believe in. Stop the madness.

  3. What’s th with difference between any of them democrats and Republicans? Nothing! All parties are racist in terms of how they view black people. Stop choosing sides and just enjoy the show! Grow tf up! She wasn’t saying none of this until she lost money. She’s a phony. She was cool with everything before when she was making them coins. Don’t try to drag other people in your messy drama. I’ll watch but I ain’t crying for her!

  4. Most gays hate women, soooo the fact he is a cokehead who specifically wants to show women in a negative light is not much of a surprise.

  5. Oh Kathy can’t worm herself out of this mess.. Space Cadet Alien move out of the country girly you’re toast that been burned…..

  6. She’ll be fine.

    Joan Rivers was ostracized for talking shit and then came back, although it took a while.

    She’ll have the same path.

    • Joan was a new york jhew who was connected to the hollywood power structure, johnny carson, jhew executives, its a different ball game. Kathy is a pure edomite, they dont give af.

  7. Andy on coke??? Noooo..lol thats as shocking as u telling me he gay, like we knew that from day 1. Funny she aint spill that tea on anderson cooper tho, she aint trying to be found in a ditch somewhere. She fukkin with the gay mafia the ones who put her in the spotlight, this could backfire biggly.

  8. Oh she will bounce back with another gig before you know it… why? She’s white….

  9. We all know trump and Harvey are cokeheads and down with the lgbt big deal

    Kathy is a dyke herself like Joan and her stud ugly ass daughter Melissa

    Still.dont think Michelle is a tranny now bisexual yes unless she means Michelle like to dress like a man and strap up for Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson

    Oh yeah bush and Michelle seems to be fucking buddies

  10. Annnnd, this topic is reaching….
    Come on HSK, what happened? This site use to be entertaining with gossip.

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