Kathy Griffin Claps Back at Trump: ‘That Fool’s Trying to Ruin My Life!’

kathy griffin trump

Kathy Griffin is feeling the heat after mocking President Trump by holding a bloody mask that resembled the President.

After getting a call from the secret service, the comedienne got fired from multiple jobs, had events canceled, has received death threats, and says she has been “bullied” by the First Family.

“If you don’t stand up, you get run over. What’s happening to me has never happened in this great country. A sitting president of the U.S… is personally trying to ruin my life forever.”

She says Trump is attacking her because she’s a woman. She even went on the record to call Trump a “fool”!

“This is a woman thing…I’m going to make fun of him more now,”

Here’s a clip of her breaking down during her press conference.

You can watch her full statement here:


  1. Here we go with white women playing the victim. Nobody forced her to pose with that bloody head. There were other people who denounced her behavior as well. Don’t forget to go after them to ya dumb biotch.

    • exactly. no talents need to go. she is a real jackazz. she should be jailed, that’s beyond a death threat! they’ll be beheading the voters next for voting against their candidate.

    • Spot on. That’s the thing about Feminism. It’s totally a white female construct seeded and grown in delusion! I wish our sistahs did not adopt the ways of these beasts. Now she wants to decry the white males that have added generations of X chromosomes to her lineage! That’s what they do, they stand as the silent hand and support behind the white males that do the dirty work and have nothing to say about something until they perceive that they are being shut down. For the record they did come at Alec Baldwin, but the difference is that he did not have a press conference crying and throwin all kinds of shit to the wall to see who would buy it.
      Another thing this crazy ronald mcdonald looking clown seems to overlook is that no other president has ever come at her before because she’s never held up a mock of their severed bloodied heads.

      She forgets that art is used to incite paradigm changes. Art has been used throughout history to cause coups, wars, even sexual revolutions which has changed political paradigms. Kathy conveniently forgets the “Fire in the theater” prong of the first amendment.

      I don’t give 2 shits about trump, but it is very entertaining to watch these neanderthals go after each other.

  2. Folks were not as tramatized about Tamir Rice, Traymon Martin and all of the unarmed blacks slaughtered in the streets? I fathom to wonder what is the distraction as well? I stand with Kathy Griffin. I do believe her 1st amendment speech is under attack. Quite frankly I can not recall ANY outrage from the American people when President Obama was beheaded and strung up by a noose by the tea party and constituients.

    • Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences.

      I agree with you that the Obama effigy hangings were worse. But no celebrity was ever photographed doing that act. It was done by freaks and idiots in the margins.

      Kathy has destroyed her career, and I can’t imagine why she chose to do such an idiotic thing.

  3. Off Topic:

    Quote from NBA Commissioner Adam Silver: “We all have to do collectively a better job training the best players in China.”

    Translation, the NBA wants to get rid of most of the black players and bring in Chinese players. In other words, the NBA doesn’t want black men playing their game. Mainstream media is not reporting this; I’m not surprised. #NoBlacksAllowed

    P.S. China is the second largest economy in the world

    • Oh for god’s sake NBA, Silver is doing that as a publicity outreach. He is a brilliant man and he is loved by the players. You must be high to say such a thing. The NBA is all about the black players, and the Europeans still a fraction of the league. Asians? Thy may have 5 in the league someday, but i doubt it.

      Silver knows who the audience is, and he has no intention of messing with that demographic.

    • GREAT!

      Maybe Ninjas will do something else with their time instead of worshiping Kobe and LeBron for 35 years of their lives!

      Naaah, most of ya’ll would worship Quin XianJi if he had a “40 vertical, and Duh Man told you to.

      • You don’t know what ALL blacks do and are interested in, so take your judgmental attitude & tone and shove them up your ASS! ASSHOLE!

    • Only when it’s convenient for them, do white females pull this card. Otherwise, they stand silently in support and solidarity with the white males and the white male society that props white females up as the epitome of goddess hood. Don’t be so gullible. I see that the KKKryptonite has struck again!


  5. She broke the white folks code. She went against the YT man publicly and he just happens to be the POTUS. How dare she. lol

  6. The funny part is that head looks like it could be her…same hair color, long face etc…if she were smart she could have said she was hanging her own head up in effigy…lol.

  7. I love her. She’s funny and you people have no sense of humor. Trump’s an idiot but he can demean people ALL DAY LONG and you don’t bat an eye. He puts people’s lives in danger because he makes comments that set his brainwashed followers into a frenzy and willing to commit heinous hate crimes in his name. He IS NOT God and to believe otherwise is blasphemous. Apparently, you’re all tired of America and what it truly stands for. Go join your leader in Siberia.

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