Laura Govan’s ‘Friend’ Bashes Gilbert Arenas

laura govan bashes gilbert arenas

Laura Govan’s “friend” took over her Instagram account just to bash her baby daddy, Gilbert Arenas.

According to the text message screenshots, Gil has been communicating with Laura’s dad. The friend says Gil is “obsessed” with Laura and he needs to move TF on with his life.

Peep the messages:

laura govan gilbert arenas

Don’t forget, Laura lied about Gil giving her an STD, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s lying about her friend making this IG post.

The post has since been taken down.

How long before Gil sues her azz again?


  1. So sad. It’s better to have the kids in private school so do what’s best for the kids. If he is willing to pay for a good education and let you keep the child support, jump on that. Instead of going on all these other reality shows to talk about constant yeast infections and how her sis slept with Gil. These are things that can embarrass your kids. Let him stay with the kids 70% and work on yourself. Gil is no angel but someone has to be the bigger person and move on.

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