Kendrick Lamar’s 17-Year-Old Sister Pregnant With 2nd Baby?

kendrick lamar sister

Kendrick Lamar’s family hasn’t kept it a secret that his sister, Kayla, got pregnant when she was just 13-years-old. And now, the tea is that she’s 17 and pregnant with her 2nd baby!

Kayla allegedly shared the news and a positive pregnancy test on her Snapchat account. She’s reportedly pregnant by her new boyfriend who was also her prom date.

I guess that new car Kendrick bought her for her graduation will come in handy now that she’ll be a mother of two!

Here she is talking about her labor and delivery for her first child:


kendrick lamar sister


  1. Slow down baby girl, take it slow. You’re so young and have so much more to do in life, for yourself and the babies.

    My humble experience and opinion.

    Best wishes for you.

  2. I guess she never heard of birth control.

    Clearly, she’s not the one caring for her first child. Cause if she was, she would have thought twice about getting pregnant again so quickly.

    • W h y I was thinking the same thing?
      Why she don’t realize that rich Asian boy wouldn’t even look her way, if she wasn’t KL’s sister?
      Why she so fast?
      Why KL enabling her…?

  3. Who in the hell is thinking about fucking at the age of 13?
    Dollars to donuts she was taken advantage of by an older man!

  4. and this is why she got a Toyota and not even a low level Mercedes…….. When will these young girls learn.

  5. I told my daughter, “until i give you away (in marriage), you and your entire mind, body and soul belongs to me”, not some dusty, snot-nosed kid who can’t even pee straight yet, let alone take care of you or some baby. So until you can adequately care and provide for a baby financially, emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually etc (not subsidized or completely dependent upon family), then know this “KIDS ARE A BURDEN” not a Blessing!! Don’t buy into that lie, kids will WEIGH you down like a fat lady sinking in quick sand. Trust me, life is much more bearable and enjoyable for young people without children. True Life.

    • Tf it don’t belong to no body. Funny how you so sexist you don’t even realize it. I bet you proud of writing that shit. Headed. It’s so fucking one sided. Ain’t nobody talking about how the dumbass guys can’t keep their shit in their pants. Nope. Cause it’s always the girls fault ? Yo was abusivo, but yea you right, what we need to do is put down Kayla cause she got pregnant. Good look dipshit

  6. Chile some ghetto mess…13?? Having babies, she like them sharia law broads out in the middle east

  7. Kendrick still a good guy for giving her a car and im glad that he didnt give her a good car.

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