Tyrese: I’m Not Crazy, I’m Just Broke

tyrese crazy broke

For those of you who think Tyrese is going crazy, he wants you to know he’s perfectly fine…he’s just a little bit broke.

After posting a video of himself having a meltdown right before his child custody hearing, Tyrese told sources his anguish was a natural reaction that anyone would have when fighting for their child.

He also said the court battle is draining him dry, and because of his huge legal bills, he’s going broke.

His anger with The Rock stems from Ty needing cash to fight the court battle. But since The Rock is putting his own needs first and doing the Fast & Furious spin-off ahead of the 9th installment of the franchise film, it’s messing with Ty’s coins.

“Tyrese says he desperately needs the paycheck. [And his ex-wife’s] claims [of abuse] have made him virtually unemployable … essentially ruining his life, but he’s determined to fight on so he can regain some form of custody.”

Author and preacher DeVon Franklin is also worried about the actor. He left him this message on Instagram:



  1. Instead of taking your money and opening businesses in the black community and employin black teens and building schools YOU WANTED TO STUNT!



  2. Stop speaking ill of people and then you may get a job. The Rock is the “it” guy right night and brings in large box office cash…how much have you grossed Ty on your own? Shut up and work with the man instead of fighting him on social media. I’ve noticed no one else from the Fast series has spoken out like you…hmmm why is that? Ever heard of you can catch more something something with honey than vinegar? Fill in the rest I’m sure you know it! LOL

  3. Rock putting his own need first””” Whaaaat??? His own needs first? Is Tyrese Rocks’ minor child.
    “Tyrese says he desperately needs the paycheck.” But threatening the man who holds the purse and could cast him in the only project Hollywood is willing to cast him in. How is that not crazy.

  4. Tyrese needs Jesus! The Rock is the Rock and Tyrese is Tyrese. The Rock is not Tyrese wife as he seems to think. Tyrese needs to figure out what he did wrong and stop blaming everyone else. Hes not doing nothing but helping his ex wife prove her point.

  5. People here, especially the writer on this site know all about being jealous and broke. So yeah keep writing shit every day for less than 20 people. Bitch made losers. You mad bc you made a whole video about Tyrese, swinging on his nuts and shit, and he ain’t even pay you dust.

      • Ahhhhh a heterosexual woman who isn’t afraid to say she likes the male body. Refreshing.

        U would have to pull some teeth to get some of these women to say something like that. Even if it’s just jokes.

        Makes me think all women r lesbians.

        Or they got jesus shoved up their ass.

    • You do know Everything you said applies to you too, because you are on here complaining about absolutely nothing and still come back e’ry day!

  6. Now maybe he will humble his self and stop running those Big Lip’s!! Lmao.. Oh Karma!!

  7. SHOULD OF SAVES YO MONEY $$$ NEGROE!!!! daaam that, should of thought twice before nuttin in these bitches, cause yo know they want you for yo money not yo personality!!!!

  8. Tyrese is crazy (And Stupid) because he went broke. How the fuck can he make all of those Fast And The Furious movies and be broke?

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