Chrisette Michele Regrets Performing at Trump Inauguration

chrisette michele regrets trump inauguration

Looking back on her Trump inauguration performance, Chrisette Michele finally regrets her decision.

The singer spoke to Roland Martin and had this to say:

“My intention was to bring healing. We sang a gospel song with Travis Green. I backed him up and it was the wrong decision. It didn’t do what I wanted it to do. It definitely didn’t heal. The choice to sing a song about everything is going to be alright and keep hope alive and to keep God first…went on deaf ears.”


  1. Rolling my eyes. You know you put yourself in God’s seat by “THINKING” you can bring healing. You failed because only God can heal. You only spoke against him because of the heat you are receiving…next. Read your Bible and there you will read why these things are happening and what is next to go down.

    • Why is she goin anywhere near a republican as a entertainer?

      As a entertainer your job is to automatically scream “democrat.” The party for the people(broke ppl). If u still want the fans’ blessings. Her pr team shoulda told her that.

      All the camouflage republican celebrities backtrack and attack Trump after fan backlash. Stop tryin to front. U know u a conservative in the first fuckin place or u wouldn’t be around him.

      Attacking Trump is equivalent to a “cheap pop” in pro wrestling.

      We all hate em. Squared.

  2. She sang at the Trump thing…So what.
    And she probably got a fat ass check too!

  3. I would’ve respected her more if she would’ve said she did it for the money…she can save the heal the world excuse

  4. She needs to stop trying to explain herself, to anonymous nobodies on social media. Take that Trump check, cash that bitch, and live her life.

  5. Stop apologizing! U pissing me off now chrisette, wit yo dumb ass. It was a beautiful ans spiritual song. It was the message, not who was president or that republicans were there. He’s Intentional, yes he is. Chriseete you blessed many people that night with that song, including me. i still get chills. So please, stfu and realize He’s intentional.

  6. Chrisette never apologize for honuring god, or he will forsake you like u are doing to him. Stfu for u lose ur blessing.

  7. Ohh Stop whining and Own your shit!! Its not trymp fault you going broke… These people kill me. As soon as they money get funny its someone’s fault.. Save your money.. They all ball outta control abting like money will always be coming in.. Cough’s #Gucci Mane and Miss Kaoir..

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