Tyrese Breaks Down Before Court Hearing

tyrese breaks down court hearing

Ahead of his child custody battle, Tyrese filmed himself having a complete emotional breakdown.

The singer and actor says he has been away from his daughter for 2 months and no one will help him.

He also wonders if he’s doing anything illegal by filming the video for the online world.


  1. Now all Tyrese needs is some good estrogen pills to feminize that wrist and then his male to female transition will be complete.

    He’s already on social media more than most women.

    Oh yeah a wig wouldn’t hurt too. You can still raise your daughter.

  2. Oh well I said last week he was looking for sympathy, empathy etc from the public.
    The blog police said I was wrong but look he’s the first one to post on this new blog..

  3. When self hate and selling out goes wrong. They don’t want black children they want half and halfs so…

    When yall gonna realize these half breeds, Latinas and White girls see you as a check? That’s what you get for taking your money out of the black community. Selfish as shoes I have no sympathy for them.

  4. He wont admit that his own choices got him where he is today. He wont admit that its been black women and men who have supported his career and then he disrespected black women specifically enough to end his career. Nobody is checking for Tyrese. The F&F franchise with this latest movie did not go over well here in that states and some of us stayed away specifically because of Tyrese. Im not dying because I didnt watch F&F . Tyreses Career is over . Lets see how long his “black” queen stays with him. He needed to keep his mouth shut about his point of view of certain things and he would’ve been alright . but his mouth and his ego got him in this position. Nothing else . but like Trump ( I know he doesnt support him) he denies being the cause of his own problems . Its always somebody else who did this to him. Its kinda sad. But when you lie to everyone about yourself , you end up believing the lie and for a black man to do that , well they end up hanging their own selves , figuratively speaking .

  5. Lordt! WHY does he continue to expose himself like this! Lack of something, that’s for sure.

  6. LSA has a tarot reader celeb thread and she predicted he would break down like a little bihh.

    Where are his MALE mentors to slap him with a Testosterone stick.

    Pastor DeVon Franklin- come get Chocolate Ty!!!

    • DeVin must’ve read this- he now has a post up on Instagram asking Ty to reach out to him.

  7. Im gone pray for him, he loosing it. He say he happy with new wife but this aint the way a happy man act.

  8. Jacky already told y’all what time it is w/Tyrese-‘Ty’s A Punk!’. He needs to be hospitalized. 😛

  9. If the tears are real, its for his daughter…its human to cry. Being without your child can make anybody breakdown.

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