Tyrese Calls Out The Rock & Quits “Fast & Furious”

tyrese the rock call fast furious 9

Tyrese just called out his Fast & Furious co-star, Dewayne “The Rock” Johnson, and says he won’t be appearing in Fast 9 if The Rock is a part of the cast.

Peep his rant:


  1. Was he invited to appear in FF#75. I have a feeling the movie will open with people mourning the passing of Roman Peirce. Something like a piano fell on him.

    • Exactly, F&F don’t need his character. Dude is burning bridges and is looking to get his black ass blackballed. He’ll end up on BET & TVONE movies only, IF he’s lucky.

    • My thoughts exactly! Like they’re really going to give The Rock an ultimatum bc of his crying ass, bc of this RP will b no more.

  2. Tyrese “Sweet Lady” Gibson really quit Fast And The Furious? A C-list actor quit one of the biggest movie franchises in the world? If this is true, Tyrese is a dumb ass! By the way, I believe what that comedian said about Tyrese.

  3. Guys never take a picture with another man putting you in a headlock. That shit looks very suspect.

  4. Biting the hand that feeds you AND you daughter, Tygrease? Looks like wifey is going to have to put those degrees to use, sooner rather than later. Nobody except maybe H. Weinstein is checking for you Ty. You’re replaceable in life and on the big screen. *Goes to play “Ty is a Punk”.

  5. I dont think he understand how famous the Rock is. He should of just quit the movie because he cant possibly think they gone kick the Rock off the movie for him. Im so confused now he gone be embarassed when they film it without him. Lol Tyrese is trippin. This is like Michelle trying to kick Beyonce off tour. Lol

    • Tyrese thinks he has pull, unless you do this and that, I won’t whatever. He has no idea how indispensable he is.

  6. Just for the record he is not being hugged by Vin Diesel is being put in a head lock letting a grown man disrespect him his personal space before they flick a pic. Vin can’t play with the Roc like dat.

  7. Tyrese isn’t an original cast member & he would not be missed! I’ve never seen any of the Fast & Furious movies & I feel confident in making that comment.

  8. Yawn!! Oh now your Ass Broke you Crying. .Welcome to the world of hard working people that Bust their Asses Everyday doing hard Labor and Still Struggling. . You had Opportunity and Large paychecks for Light Work..lmao..I dont feel sorry for you Entitled Cocky Peiple..Bye!!

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