Wendy Williams Cancels Valentine’s Day Show

wendy williams cancels valentines show

Wendy Williams has mysteriously canceled her February 14th show to “get some rest,” according to sources.

A statement released by the show said:

“In this flu season, Wendy is experiencing some flu-like symptoms. Wendy will air a repeat tomorrow, February 14,”

This is the second health-related issue Wendy has suffered in the past few months. The last time was during her Halloween episode when she “overheated” in her Statue of Liberty costume and passed out.

Is Wendy really sick this time or is she staying home to make sure her husband Kevin doesn’t dip to his side piece’s house on Valentine’s Day?


      • She looks like shit because of that so-called vegan “diet” she is on…it is funny how people think eating vegetables only is the way to go.

        When it is your time, it is your time…unless it is the pilot’s time.

  1. Something going on with her. I don’t dislike her, in fact, I love the shade she drops on people. I think most do but pretend Wendy is this bad person when they love her schtick. I don’t know why won’t drop that dude she’s married to.

    • Because her husband is not only her husband he is her manager and if she ever does decided to leave him witch I hope she does sooner than later if they didn’t have a prenup she will have to pay him alimony think God her son will be eight teen soon are he could have put her on child support so in her case it’s cheaper to keep him and let him do what he is doing

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