Weezy’s Lil Carter, Reginae, Trying to Cope with Keke Palmer’s Block

Who has time for this sh*t!?! I think Keke got other more pressing concerns than the mouthy lil spawn of a gremlin…


  1. Lol. Why did she block her… lol. Sounds like Reginae really don’t know. Lol

    Maybe keke messed with lil Wayne or something.

  2. she sounds like she should be blocked from dropping out of school. blocked from thinking her life relevant. Keke from chicago BayBaay– she dont have time for that southern ratchet shxt. keke is also a talented entertainer with a real career…..maybe she too busy for ratchet rap offspring

  3. Why Reginae so bored with her life?
    Why Reginae not looking up books for college courses in the fall?
    Why HSK put a link in the article to the wrong KeKe?

  4. Cant stand that ugly spoiled little brat …I would be ashame to say i was little Waynes daughter. that nigga where pink and kisses another mans on the lips. Lil wayne brages about being rape be stating how much he likes it. The bitch ass have over 3 other baby mothers that are hardly black and makes statements about black women etc. the list goes on and on…this ugly little bitch daughter of his act like she got her mother looks and shit talking down to ppl like she done did something in life besides being an offspring to a bisexual confuse fuck….oh i forgot he got money . Brandon wants to be at his level. this bitches dont give a dam about their health as long as the nigga is bringing money toya or what ever the hell your name is

  5. Personally Reginae is a ugly spoiled little brat …I would be ashamed to claimed lil Wayne as my father. That nigga wears pink and kisses other men on the lips. He even bragged about it in one of his drunken tirade stating how much he liked it. Who does that? Who the fuck brags about being rape? He doesn’t even realize he was a victim. He have over 3 other baby mothers that are hardly black and makes negative statements about black women etc The bastard stays sedated and the list goes on and on. The duplicate of lil Wayne Reginae is just as ugly as her father but here she is acting like she’s some type of queen talking down to people. To bad she looks nothing like her mother and Toya is barely a bad bitch with her short self. This little bitch REginae needs to go set her ass down because she’s an offspring to a bisexual confuse little boy that never grow up. He still uses skateboard for crying out loud. Black life matter is propaganda so he should have just shut the fuck up about making statements. Bitch understand your father is no legend to the real older school generation x who started hip hop in the first place instead your daddy assisted with the powers to destroy it. I have to admit Lil Wayne have talent but too bad they chose to dumb it down. Toya stated Brandon wants to be at his level. What level? Lil Wayne was being taken advantage off. At the end of the day toya your just a dumb hoe who can give two fucks if your man is getting fucked as long as you think his a legend. You can give two fucks about his disrespect of you as a woman or the fact that he have other baby mamas. Its all about the money acting like you powerful lol,,,,, Reginae bitch please humble yourself and learn to speak to people. Without fans your dad cant make money bitch. Toya your helping your daughter to be a bitch which will not help her in this life. I HOPE YOU GUYS ARE JUST ACTING OR GOING BY A SCRIPT on your reality shows.

  6. What is this little womanish girl in everybody’s business.. Kemerovo has a child with cancer, this lil girl is the least of her worries… Someone needs to teach her to stay in a child place, meaning to STFU.

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