#LHHATL Joseline Attacks Stevie J’s Daughter with Sexual & Racial Shade

The self-proclaimed Puerto Rican Princess may be a new mom, but her motherly instincts do not extend to her baby daddy’s children.

In a recent episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Joseline got into a verbal dispute with Stevie J’s daughter Savannah, which almost led to blows when the 18-year-old got out of her seat after noticing Joseline’s “sympathy tears.”

After Joseline, 40, learned that Savannah labeled her “toxic,” for her father, the reality star clapped back with a nasty verbal attack. On Tuesday, she tweeted, “That hoe mad cause I run her daddy. Now run along and find your own c**k to suck. You nappy head.”

Twitter erupted and blasted the VH1 personality. Many saying Joseline went too far with her response, especially using the offensive term “nappy.”

Joseline fired back after the harsh criticism and mention of her daughter, Bonnie Bella. She tweeted, “That young lady is 18. She’s grown enough to ditch [sic] it out she will grown who to take it!! I’m done with this conversation. Back to Reality”


  1. Hoodrats made her famous.

    For black people if you’re lightskin or look white or are white and act ghetto then they will support you.
    If she was darkskin she wouldn’t have this much support just like Cardi B.
    I hate the black community it’s so toxic.

    I will always side with white people against black people because of the treason committed over and over.

    • You can side with them all you want…but if black people brought nothing to society your ignorant ass would not be here…wait I guess I am proving your point…LOL.

  2. Shut like this is why BM and BW continue to be fodder for the masses. We just don’t know when to STFU and stop allowing ourselves to look worse than we already do!

    • This bitch is not black….so do not claim her as such.

      What she need to do is take her bald-headed, man ass back to puerto rico and sell her BS there to her OWN KIND and get off our nutsack since she obviously has issues with BW.

      Tired of these men procreating with these bitches, letting them think they got the in because they got some dick & can now disrespect at will….uggghhh.

  3. From what they showed, his daughter was out of line. Joseline said sorry, the girl did not accept it. Then Joseline start crying about things Stevie did that hurt her, trying to explain to the little b-tch that she did it out of angry. The little girl got out of pocket and Joseline reminded her she gone whoop her azz if she have to. I’m confused, what y’all see? I gotta step daughter and if that little b-tch ever get out of line, she won’t ever step foot in our house again, my husband gone have to go fly his azz up out there and go see her or I’m divorcing his azz. People don’t understand step parents don’t give a shyt about step kids no matter how much they pretend to. We try to be nice, but deep down we don’t like them. Some of us hide it and some of us don’t.

    • The apology wasn’t accepted because it wasn’t sincere. The daughter was righfully upset about what Joseline had done to her little sister. Those tears were so fake…Joseline can cry on demand. She cut them off so fast. She spent the entire time trying to shift blame onto Stevie. And yes, he possibly could have done some things wrong (so has she) but for her to stoop to the level of dragging his kids in it was wrong. I would hope if someone made up allegations such as that involving your child you would be just as mad.

      • Nope cause I would not put my kids in a situation where they have a step Mama. How would you know if an apology was sincere or not? If she would’ve said I’m sorry but y’all owe me an apology too, that’s not sincere. But she said I’m sorry, I was wrong and I only did it because your daddy pissed me off. How is that not sincere? What would’ve made her apology sincere, tears?? She tried that it did not work. That little girl want Jausline to get on her knees and beg, and I can tell you right now step parents don’t care enough about they step kids to do that. It’s just a bad situation all together. People need to stop having kids with people they not married to and don’t love.

  4. Biological Mothers and daughter have hard time getting along, so a Step daughter and Mother is fo show not the best combo. Sad situation all around. I honestly hate that step parents and kids have to exist, it’s not a comfortable situation at all. Even when people pretend to be okay with it, they still not. They still treat they biological kids better and that’s what makes it sad, cause the step kids did not choose that life. They stupid azz Mamas did!

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