Joe Budden Says F**k The Migos ? ? ? ?

At the 2017 BET Awards this week, rapper Joe Budden famously dissed the Migos by dropping his mic and walking away from their red carpet interview.

Now, Joe is addressing the incident…

Via his own web show, “Everyday Struggle” Joe admits:

“I’m not saying it wasn’t wrong my behavior. I’m not saying it wasn’t disrespectful. It was. I’m telling you that at some point it stops being about knowing right or wrong and it starts to become, “Is it worth it?” It 100 percent is worth it to me to let these little diva n*ggaas know that I don’t give two f*cks about none of this Migos sh*t. None of this sh*t. Y’all sitting here giving n*ggas y’all a** to kiss. I’m not with it. I don’t care about your super stardom. I don’t care about your success. F*ck all ya’ll. Y’all can get up. Y’all do not have to sit here. I didn’t want to talk to y’all anyway.”

Check the full episode below:


  1. He is the example of what happens when they allow off the street people to interview and pretend to be journalists. Doesn’t matter that he used to rap. He must think that professionals like everyone they interview. It’s a business and not to be taken personally and especially not emotionally.

  2. Truth be told there is something to dislike about all trap rappers but their music sells and that is why they become so-called stars. It didn’t look like they were acting like divas. That’s a word usually used for females. Interesting choice of words from Joey.

  3. I can’t take those dude serious. Look at them, they look like trannys’s. Where do they find the ignorant people to rap? They have no morals, values, can’t talk, will do anything for cash. I don’t blame Joe, they look too cornet for me to take serious.

  4. Joe starting to look like a b–tch because he keep trying to explain him selves. Real recognize real, you did what you did cause they some corney dudes, now f–m what everyone else think and move along

  5. How can u take these sassy serious wit there fifth grade brady bunch school clothes look like they dress to take school pics

    • 5th grade brady bunch clothes? Really lol. Its not something id wear but lets be honest. Its versace. Its expensive and original. Its not for everyone but when u have it, u like it, u wear it. Like they say it aint trickin if u got it right.

    • Even the Brady bunch didn’t look that gay they make cousin Oscar look hard

      Pimp c predicted this about these atl rappers being gay

  6. In a lyrical battle, Joe Budden will destroy Migos. That is not my opinion, that is a fact!

  7. Joe finally picking on rappers he can beat punk ass dissed wu tang and raekwon and ghostface wooped his ass he couldn’t even fight the game easy to pick on sissy looking boy rappers who look look like they going to gangbang young thug

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