Joe Budden & Migos Almost Come to Blows at BET Awards

migos joe budden bet

All hell broke loose on the red carpet as Joe Budden interviewed Migos at the BET Awards.

During the interview, DJ Akademiks asked group member Takeoff how it felt to be left off the group’s smash hit “Bad and Boujee.”

This obviously agitated Takeoff, but the rapper’s response ticked off Joe even more.

Watch the video to see what happened next:

Joe later addressed the situation and called the group members “too sassy.”


  1. JB unprofessional and doesn’t quality as an interviewer and certainly not a journalist. He took it personal and it’s business. The questions were not even professional. They were accusatory statements and anybody would have been insulted so I don’t blame the group for feeling some kind of way.

    • As a man, he did exactly what he should have. F–k being professional. These fagots are disrespectful. Joe would not be a man if he let them corny looking dudes talk to him like that

  2. Many of you watched the BET Awards. You saw dozens of A list and B list celebrities selling and promoting their projects. I have a question, where were these black celebrities when a police officer from Balch Springs Texas shot and killed a unarmed 15 year old boy? Where was queen Latifah, Jamie Foxx and Garcelle Beauvais when cops shot and killed a pregnant black woman in Seattle?

  3. When black celebrities want to sell something to us, they can’t wait to get in front of the cameras and speak to us. When one of us is lynched by the police or when the state of Michigan poisoned black people’s water in the city of Flint, black hollywood was completely silent. I have a question, should we continue to support black celebrities even though they do not support us?

  4. Fact #1: BET is owned by a white corporation called Viacom. The chairman and CEO of Viacom is a old white billionaire name Sumner Redstone. Sumner Redstone looks like the Emperor from Star Wars

    Fact #2: Debra Lee is the President of BET (Not the owner). She earned a law degree from Harvard Law School. Debra Lee is a member of Sigma Pi Phi (Boule)

  5. Good job Joe, cause they look ridiculously. I wouldn’t took they ugly silly looking azzes serious either. Like WTF??? Joe did exactly what a man should’ve did, cut that shyt and walk away before you have to knock one of they gay azzes out

  6. Actually, Joe’s attitude & behavior had already started brewing w/ these guys over an incident that happened earlier..He lost his cool AFTER that nigga w/ the good hair started sassing DJ Aks asked about being left off a song to which he replied “dubitloogIukeigotofdaboogie!”

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