DJ Akademiks Is Tired of Getting Approached By Dark Skinned Women!

dj akademiks

In a live recording, DJ Akademiks DRAGS dark skinned black women!

In the video, he says he’s been looking for a bad redbone all his life. But it’s always the dark skinned females that approach him.

He says when a dark skinned girl tries to holla, he wishes it was her light skinned friend who was trying to get with him instead.

Peep the video starting at the 00:25 mark.

Is this just his preference or…?


  1. He looked his whole life and he still dont have means redbones do not want him.
    He dragged no one but himself.

  2. The only reason we know about this is because Hollywood has banned black love and it refuses to allow any up and coming black men to date us or rep us.

    These coons are told what to say by their handlers. If you want to succeed in Hollywood and you are a black male then you’d better enjoy waking up next to wrinkly white woman with no lips or you had better start liking the taste of dack.

    Those are the choices.

  3. Why doesn’t he approach bad red bones? Aren’t men supposed to be the aggressors, the hunters? Instead of bitching about what approaches him, why don’t he go after what he wants?

    • The redbones comment is irrelevant. All that we are supposed to take note of is the fact that he does not want dark skinned black women. This is often repeated by black men in the public eye. Hollywood works on the notion of: monkey see; monkey do.

      Young impressionable black boys will get to hear this and their little minds will be irrevocably altered. This is all part of their (HW) plan.

      • Precisely. Remember how them starting to use the N word started. Some idiot rapper who made friends with them gave them permission. Now they are giving HW permission to make their nasty little movies. Remember Good Hair. Black folks didn’t financially back that movie or similar projects. Then when the movies are made everyone is in outrage mode. They never look back at the likes of this clown who gets the wheels in motion.

    • Exactly. Only ugly chicks want him because he’s not attractive. Duhhhhhh!!!!!

      Cute chicks don’t approach niggaz unless you that nigga, that would be a Drake or Des Bryant or somebody. Other than that don’t expect a bad chick to approach you period, don’t matter her skin color.

  4. He doesn’t have to worry about me approaching him cause he is fuggly. I don’t date men who look like him.

    • It’s a good thing he’s taking himself out of the black gene pool. Who wants this assclown as a father, uncle, etc.

  5. There are more important things for him to worry about. In this life, you are lucky if someone loves you.

  6. This munchi-chi looking nig…should be grateful anyone is bothering to talk to him.

    Short, fathead, ears sticking out, all he needs is a tail to hang from a tree with, a nana in his mouth & he could be Bubbles mate.

  7. No matter how many beautiful black women I tell to never give up on the black man…then some idiot like this dude comes along and not only makes me look like the fool but helps them to stand firm in their belief in needing to date outside of their race. Making my job even harder. Thanks a lot you idiot.

    • This person is the tip of the iceberg. Just take a look in any mainstream newspaper. Black men with their white women are all that you see. That is probably more affective in making black women broaden their horizons than fools like this twat.

  8. The dark ones don’t want to deal with the rejection and the light ones don’t want to be used because of their skin tone. Hence, they all are wanting to go look for real love elsewhere. Thanks a lot you idiot.

  9. This ugly ass coon got his damn nerve. Why is it I never hear a Asian man say he doesn’t like darker skinned asian women he only likes pale skin hell even Indian men don’t say they don’t like dark Indian women but of course you got these dumb ass niggas saying they only like redbones or white chicks like in starting to believe all these niggas are gay like if you don’t like dark skinned girls that’s your preference but why should they feel the need to disrespect them..? And this is coming from a light skinned female.

    • They may not say it publicly, but it is a known facts lighter skin is revered in every race.

      That is why olive, darker tone asian/indian/hispanic women use bleaching cream, the older ones walk with umbrellas in the summer etc.

      They have their own fucked up views on dark skin too.

      • Yeah well that is their business like I said everyone has a preference at least they don’t come out and say they don’t like dark skin people I could care less about who marries who and thinks light skin is better.

    • Indians say it all he time. Light skin is desired in India ever more than over here.

      My Indian mother use to cover me up and bathe me in buttermilk because, “No proper husband will want a darkie.” And this wasn’t that long ago.

      • Well I ain’t never heard of an Indian publicly saying that and I’ve been around Indians. I think you missed the point of my post. I’ll resay it again of course people have preferences but I don’t get why some black men are so disrespectful and say mean things about black women like if you don’t want to date them fine but there is no need to say dumb shit about them.

        • It is not about preference it is about people of ALL races having issues around skin tone.

          Granted it may not be as publicized in other communities, but remember we live in Amerikkka a country that never wants to see us prosper or stay in tact as a community, so of course shit like this is going to get play.

          What the fuck do they care if an indian or asian hates their skin tone?

  10. there is nothing wrong with having natural dark skin, he is gross for thinking that

    • He’s brainwashed. But he might just be doing as he is told. Most black men know to date out in the industry.

  11. Sistas certainly shouldn’t care about a broke brotha on his PS4 that can’t even spell academics properly. The real sad part is a lot of sistas will STILL support this clown. Just like Lil’ Wayne after he his “bitches look better red” line in the Drake track. You would think black women would’ve boycotted all Lil’ Wayne everything after that, but they were still in the clubs going crazy for his tracks, requesting him on the radio, etc. Solange even featured him on her “pro-black” CD. SMDH

  12. We don’t want your so called light skin negro.. You’re generalizing all dark skin women and the light skin women don’t want yiu because you sound like a fool.. You’re worse that Master was, he didn’t care what your skin tone, he was taking what he wanted.. What he wanted was a Black woman and her teenage daughter..The industry knows how you dumb arse negro think, give yiu a trashy stinky white woman and y’all lose your minds..

  13. Why he look like the big moon cookies I used to buy at the corner store for 10 cents?
    Why his ears bigger than his body?
    Why he sound like they passed him through grade school?
    Why I hope he never gets approached by another woman ever again?

  14. I don’t understand why when BM state their preference for light skin women, dark skin women proceed to make fun of the man’s appearance in the same way making fun of them.

    Doesn’t that make you just as bad? Why not just realize that everyone of every ethnicity has a type they prefer. It’s just human nature. Then concentrate on looking for someone who likes your type.

    • When a ugly person says that they don’t like someone based on their skin color I believe that person has the right to get clowned. Everyone has a preference but just because you don’t like a certain group of females doesn’t mean you should try to degrade them and make them seem like they are less than.

    • As xo said hateful nigs deserve to be clowned.

      We don’t need that shit in our community anymore than we need any of the other people/ obstacles meant to hold us back/down.

  15. @ xoxo, I think it’s the media that is perpetuating this nonsense of black men not liking black women. Why else would they be so quick to always post something negative like this? And yes, in many cultures, being dark is undesireable, but that shit is never a headline. Why is the media trying to cause friction between black men and black women?

    • I agree and my honest opinion on it is they want the black race to die out just like the native Americans. They know it is to many of us so they are mixing to weaken the black gene.

  16. Me personally, I like fair skinned black women with big bouncy tits and dark nipples.

  17. Looks like a Blasian. The #1 black-hating ass hybrids, next are the hybrids with neanderthal mothers, then the hybrids with neanderthal fathers. Keep notes on it and see that I’m right.

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