Meek Mill’s Goons Jump Safaree

safaree meek mill fight

Nicki Minaj’s exes were acting a fool in broad daylight…and it was all caught on video!

In the incident that took place on June 23rd, you can see Safaree getting jump by Meek and his crew in the video.

Safaree later sent out a message directly to Meeka nd called him a p***y!


  1. That is true when you can’t handle someone you get the crew so that’s not what real men do. Just some more bullshit

  2. Some people don’t value their liberty. This will end when somebody dies, they you gonna see them all crying as they are hauled to prison.

  3. Lol. They both need to get out of Cali. This is terrible!!!!Every nigga in Cali gone punk the shyt out of both of these fools for this video. Safareeeeeeee you cannot run like that!!! Nooooo you got to go toe to toe with 39 niggaz, but you can’t run like that…nooooooooooo!!! And Meek jumping a nigga that’s running makes you look like a bully and niggax don’t like that either. Go pass through Compton while you here and pull that shyt. You clearly in Hollywood, I see that gay flag in the background. I can’t stand the game, but tonight try to run up on somebody like that and let’s see if you don’t end up like biggie.

  4. Meek fighting over a girl who left him will he diss nas and step to him like that

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