Lamar Odom Fires Back After Stephen A. Smith’s Crack Comment

lamar odom stephen a smith crack

On an episode of First Take, commentator Stephen A. Smith was discussing how he disagreed with some of the decisions Phil Jackson has made.

“His very first move as an executive was to sign Lamar Odom … WHO WAS ON CRACK!” – Stephen A. Smith

Through his lawyer, Odom fought back by releasing this statement and demanding an apology.

Stephen then clapped back and said he had nothing but love for Odom, and his initial comments were directed solely at Phil.

“Because of my personal affection for Lamar Odom — and only for that reason — I want to return to my comments about something I’ve repeated quite often over the last few days: the flagrant ineptitude that I feel has been on continual display by Knick’s President Phil Jackson. My comments were NOT to put any more focus on Lamar Odom’s much-publicized drug use and addiction. He was not the target of my ire. Lamar Odom is simply one of the nicest athletes any of us have encountered and has always been a gentlemen to everyone in NBA circles — including me — which is something I’ve repeated throughout the years. – Stephen A. Smith

What do you think? Was Stephen out of line?


  1. Don’t clean it up now…..he said what he felt first time around. When will black people just STFU for a while. We all need to have a time-out day and see how that improves our lives. This shyt is just ridiculous. Everyone blasting everyone for sheer entertainment and false bravado and hate.

  2. SAS was right. Lamar took it as a shot to his crack use. No need for apologies. He should have asked Lamar if he was on crack when he decided to marry a demon. He was on drug before marriage and the demon wife made it worse. It’s good to know Lamar has been clean since the divorce.

  3. He did not clean it up. He just made sure Odom knew he had nothing ifor him but love not an apology just love.

  4. It’s good that LO has legal representation. I can’t imagine what kind ‘response’ would have occurred if he was still with that K Klan. So awful and nonproductive when a BM bashes another BM on TV. SS only has his job because the YT man allows him to. Seems like part of his contract is to bash BM athletes. Didn’t he say some slick shyt about KD and mom dukes checked him?

  5. But I thought Khloe and her family was responsible for his drug abuse and failures? You mean he actually CHOSE to use crack without a ww driving him to it? I can’t believe that.

  6. Never forget that the ugly white bitch Khloe Kardashian tried to murder Lamar Odom. Black men I urge you to stay away from white bitches; unfortunately I fear my words will be ignored. #TristanThompson

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