Matt Jordan Shares Pic of Kenya Face Down A** Up!

matt jordan kenya moore

Matt Jordan asked for the world to leave him alone, but he still can’t stop himself from being petty over Kenya Moore’s surprise wedding.

Matt posted the picture above to his Instagram which shows Kenya tooting that thang up in a swimming pool.

In the caption, he wrote a tasteless caption directed towards Kenya’s new husband.

“What if Kenya Moore told the truth? Just make sure she run off the bed, and beg when she’s like this.”

He does realize he has a restraining order against him. But maybe Kenya needs to get a gag order, too.


  1. A warning to all women to not be photographed naked or half-naked by their men ! It can and will be used against you. Was this taken in one of the countries where he kicked in the hotel door?

  2. Damn this dude is so open….please no more cougars for you, its far to advance for you. You need to date in your own age group before you get that over the heel booty. Dang !

  3. Matt need to close the book on this one and move tf on. Anything else is giving Kenya credit in her assessment of him and is making him look like the butt hurt little boy he is.

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