Brandy Spotted With Big Baby Bump


    brandy pregnant

    Even though Brandy has denied she’s pregnant by her new boo, Sir the Baptist, her recent Instagram pic says otherwise!

    The singer posed with Ledisi, Common, and Maxwell, and her belly was nice and round. The caption read:

    They are the #GREATS @Maxwell | @Common | @Ledisi — I will forever support you all. Wow!!! Thank you all for blessing my life #lastnight ??? (not pregnant y’all lmao.. just chubby chubby boom boom and I love it!!!! #freePeople

    What do you think? Is Brandy pregnant or just gaining weight right in her belly???


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    1. Okay…Giving her the benefit of the doubt…Skinny women who go on to gain weight usually gain the pounds in their stomach before it begins to spread. #BenefitOfTheDoubt

    2. well you know eventually the truth will fall out of her soon if it’s true. so, just sit back and wait…nature always tells the truth!

    3. Her ass is pregnant. When she was pregnant with the last one she lied and said her and her daughter’s father were married. Her no talented ass is a liar.


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