KeKe Wyatt’s Child Battles Cancer

    keke wyatt kid caner

    KeKe Wyatt has revealed that one of her 9 children is battling cancer. She didn’t confirm which kid has fallen ill, but she plans on shaving her head bald to show support for her child.

    Peep her video:

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    1. Why is sh in whiteface in the photo up top?

      I hope NBA will criticize her as he did KK for darkening her own makeup.

    2. I hope her baby pulls through. Only Jesus name can fix this, pray in his name. People pray but they don’t pray right!! Everything I’ve prayed for since learning how to pray works, a lot of ppl leave Jesus name out of there prayer and is why stuff don’t work.

    3. They have gotten better in fighting childhood cancers and many cases have been very successful. I hope that’s the case for this baby.

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