Keke Wyatt Pregnant With 9th Child!

Keke Wyatt 9th Pregnancy
HSK Exclusive – We’ve heard that KEKE WYATT is about six months pregnant with her 9th child. She was spotted at an event where she said she hadn’t announced it publicly.


  1. Disturbing thought that 9 ppl will call her Mom. 9 more fucked up human beings in the world. 🙁

  2. It’s about time for that tubal ligation boo. She is going to be sharing diapers with her kids from all that vag stretching. Can you imagine 9 episiotomies and or c-sections? Hmmm congrats boo

  3. She fuckin marry with a damn husband & not on government assistant so leave her azz alone she can have as many babies she want

    • LOL, she probably will soon be on government assistance, that heifer ain’t paid! Is her music sales decent, does she sell out shows?? What other business ventures her crazy, foul acting ass has? She can’t even be decent on reality tv! She was on Marriage Boot Camp, what’s next, Iyanla Fix My Life? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! 😀

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