Kodak Black Doesn’t Like Black Girls, Calls Nicki Minaj ‘Ran Thru’

kodak black black girls nicki minaj

Kodak Black hopped on Instagram Live to answer questions from his fans.

During the recording, he talks about the celebs he likes. He says Keke Palmer is alright, but he “doesn’t really like black girls.”

He also called Nicki Minaj “ran thru,” but says he has a thing for Kylie Jenner (wtf?!).

Peep the video starting at 2:40



  1. This dude is ugly as sin. If it was not for a black girl, his ungrateful ass would not be here. Too bad black women can’t see into the future. There would be a lot more swallowing going on.

    • He took the grills off. The teeth had to be shaved off to fit the grills, now he looks like he has raccoon teeth.

  2. Out of curiosity, I did a google search with the phrase “I don’t like white women.” The first page alone had a mix of white and black women.
    I then did a search titled “I don’t like black women”, first page full of nothing but anti black women titles.

    Black men, what is the meaning of this? Do you not understand how this affects us as a whole? I’m going to need you all to get some act right!

  3. These black men are doing what their label bosses / industry elites are telling them to do: bash your own women whilst at the same time uplift white women. There is an agenda against black females and it has been this way for over a decade.The agenda is to harm the black birth rate and decimate our numbers. They are playing the long game.

    Over time black women will (some would argue they already are) become social pariahs who nobody will want to date / breed.

    The industry gets these mouthpieces to do their work. Maybe they get rewards for saying ignorant shit. Who knows? One thing is for sure however and that is that this is just the tip of the iceberg and things will only get worse

  4. I know black dudes that say black girls are hoes but will date a white girl who is a hoe

  5. I don’t think one woman can be hurt by this man!!! So who cares what he thinks!!! Secondly I wonder do black men know they need a black woman to exist? The only person that can push out a black man is a black woman. or do they all secretly want to do what Michael Jackson did and they just not bold enough to do it?????. lol maybe

    • It’s not just him, it’s a lot of them coming out saying this to influence the idea that black is ugly and specifically black women. It’s not just self hate, someone is paying them to make these statements. Notice how they are done in soft and cheap way, it’s never picked up by news media but gossip sites. They don’t offer perspective, reasoning, they why, nothing is deep about what they say. It’s like a molotov cocktail then they run. This is a demonic agenda and Black women are a threat to them. Think higher and otherworldly. There is something they know that black people and black women don’t know yet and it scares them. People like this guy and other rappers should be publicly ejected by the black community. These are not rappers of yesterday trying to deliver a message.

      • ??? ?

        Black people have them all shook. We need to know why then we could really exploit it.

  6. Black men that say these like this usually have ugly black woman in they family so they think all black have ugliness in they family. Well I’m black and our whole family cute, we don’t even the 2 ppl we have in our family that’s dark is cute. His family just ugly, so he think everybody else’s is.??that’s all he’s seen

  7. Nicki is ran thru. So is Amber Rose, Kim K, her sisters, all the lowly named white actresses they talk about. The list is endless. If you are a decent man, you avoid these women from the world of entertainment and since that does not extend to him, he deserves them. They all share the same STD, they fix it, they pick it up again. They contribute nothing to society and are bound for hell.

  8. So he goes to jail and gets out and starts talking crazy. They must have seriously threatened him. I said last year they were coming for BM. This year they coming for BW. Next year everyone is gonna feel it cause if we are in the 60’s again, that means 1968 and most of us know what that year was like, especially those of us who lived it!

  9. One evening, I went to my college for a meeting. I keep running into this young man who’s about the same complexion as this guy and the rapper from a previous post. So, this dude was not only Black but VERY dark-skinned, which I have no problem with. However, my problem was that almost everywhere I went, for about two hours, he’s giving me this look like he’s disgusted.

    I’m not disfigured so there was really nothing to see but he’s continuously walking around me and rolling his eyes at me while I’m waiting for the bus. Even as I’m taking a couple of steps back, he’s right there. Then, some chick that looks like Tracy Turnblad from Hairspray greets him…and guess what? He’s extra loud while hugging her, and Stevie Wonder could see she wasn’t into him like that. Sad.

    • There is some psychology to describe this. It’s deep stuff. Too bad black academia doesn’t do the research. You can do research studies by sampling dark men and find out just what is happening and come up with an answer based on your actual study. We can only imagine what the issues are, but I would love to know from a psychological perspective and thus address the issue in a more formal manner.

  10. Breaking news: Nick Cannon is at the BET Awards pre party wearing a dress. I’m not making this up.

    • He is a paid up menber of the triangular people’s organisation so he has to do his part.

  11. But Kylie Isent ran thru? Lmao he’s ugly as shit a white woman or man can gladly have him

  12. Black women will never ever go out of style tf he talknbout. We the pinch-hitters and the trendsetters . Ask his MAMA

  13. Please let this idiotic gorilla man breed outside of the black race. We don’t need his useless DNA messing up our gifted gene pools.

  14. nicki i a woman that have been ran through….atleast shes a woman,,,,theres nothing worse than a nigga whose been ean throgh by other men,,,,which is worst fuck boy….ass ugly as u r how the hel are u even getting air time?

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