Brandy’s New BF Sir William James the Baptist Using the Norwood For Publicity? Has Wife & Kids?

According to a source close to Brandy’s new boo, Sir William James the Baptist, a hip hop holistic lyricist, is with Brandy for the publicity. The source says that he is in a relationship with another woman and he has kids.  The source also says that William James is not into black women and only dates white women.

The source writes:

“Please keep me anonymous but brandy’s new relationship is a publicity stunt. I know for a fact. I personally know him. I know his girlfriend as well. He’s not into black girls like that. Don’t get me wrong he loves black women but can’t handle them. His girlfriend and his kids mom are both white.

This is all for publicity… his album drops tonight. I have receipts.”

Allegedly this was all planned out months ago and originally he intended to target singer Tinashe allegedly.


  1. I knew this wasn’t real anyway-nobody wants Brandy and she needs someone to promote that can also promote HER. She’s another Bow Wow–it’s over, dahling.

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