Nick Cannon’s Cruel Joke On Gabourey Sidibe

In Gabby’s new book, This Is Just My Face, she talks about the time when Nick Cannon sent her a script that was highly offensive. He was taking jabs at her weight, but she did not let that slow her roll..

“The character was a plus-sized girl who is called ‘fat a**’ and ‘hippo,’” she said in her new memoir. “I thought how glad I’d be when my body was no longer mentioned in script ideas for me. ‘My body is not a character description.’ My good friend Amber Riley once said that.”

The very day after she read the script, Sidibe, 34, underwent weight loss surgery.

“I would call Nick in a few days and have him remove those names,” she wrote. “Boy, would he be pissed by the time we shot the movie.”


  1. Nick Cannon, Shame On You,Who Raised You To Be So Mean,Stupid,with the manners of A Jackass, any Woman Who Looks At You,much less date You Is A Fool,to be so stupid as to think you were funny,I’m glad you got fired from that show,to do this I see how ignorant you are,your so called good looks have made you worse than an animal,to think you are anything other than a beast is being kind! Who made you think you so great looking to put Gabby down on her looks? My lord,if A son of mine did this I would whip my own ass for raising such a foolish “boy man” I want to call you so many bad things,I’m livid with rage! How dare you? I hope Karma pay you a visit Real soon. You Ignorant fool!

    • I approve Nick’s method. It motivated this land whale to loose weight and save her life. If she lost a leg through type II diabetes, not one of you people championing her would be around her house to make her as much as a cup of coffee.

  2. Why Gabby book title have nothing to do with the actual book?
    Why Gabby act so confident, but in real life is so insecure?
    Why Gabby dry snitching?
    Why Gabby coulda put all this in a blog?
    Why Gabby let Nick Cannon make her cut her stomach open?

  3. Fuck Nick, punk azz bitch walking around with a damn $2 woman turban from Korean beauty supply store his azz need 2 get ready 4 when kids start talking abt his funny looking daughter

  4. weight loss surgery gives them old face and old body, but then again, they’re not focused

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