Migos & Chris Brown’s Crew Throw Down After BET Awards!

migos chris brown

Looks like Migos was looking for a fight the whole time they were at the BET awards. After trying to square up against Joe Budden, they started beef with Chris Brown’s crew.

It all went down in a parking garage. Someone in Chris’ group allegedly pushed Quavo (who’s now dating Breezy’s ex, Karrueche), and that’s when everything popped off.

Peep the videos.





  1. CB aint got nuthin better to do but lean back and watch the show with the same clothes on? I predicted that once DG praised the Mgos at that other award show that it was the beginning of their end. They will be made to look all kinda ways and get caught up in everything.

      • Katy Perry don’t want nothing to do with them anymore. She used them for what she needed and moved on. Now they are into their feelings about being discarded like yesterday’s okra.

  2. Many of you watched the BET Awards. You saw dozens of A list and B list celebrities selling and promoting their projects. I have a question, where were these black celebrities when a police officer from Balch Springs Texas shot and killed a unarmed 15 year old boy? Where was queen Latifah, Jamie Foxx and Garcelle Beauvais when cops shot and killed a pregnant black woman in Seattle?

    • When black celebrities want to sell something to us, they get in front of the camera and speak to us. When one of us is lynched by the police or when the state of Michigan poisoned black people’s water in the city of Flint, black hollywood was completely silent. I have a question, should we continue to support black celebrities even though they do not support us?

      • It’s not just black celebs. It’s all of Hollywood. Their movies are being boycotted. They still make money but not as much as they would hope. Black celebs know where their bread is buttered. Black folks is just crumbs for them. They only go to black folks to sell their stuff and pretend they are down against injustice. When you have millions in your pocket, you become the 1% and these guys are now 1 percenters. Remember the march about one percenters and Russell and JayZ tried to join until somebody whispered in their ears ‘hey man, “YOU are the one percenters.” Oh that’s right, we don’t care about the 99%, until we need them to buy our records.

      • Lynched! Nigga please. No description of what proceeded the shooting? If the Police are to bad in the USA go and live in a Black country and see where talking shit to cops get you Niggas.

  3. Since all are in the same prison system – some opt to entertain. Some opt to educate. Some opt to legislate. Some offer opinions like on this board. In the end those people you mentioned can and will be treated like the N word in a certain situation just like the rest of us whose names have no recognition. I can go a long time without the entertainment of today because most of it has no substance and is not beneficial.

  4. Chris Brown crew has heat, that’s why he chillin ? He already know they can’t get to him. The amigos must not be from LA, cause they should know when 5 niggax chillin in LA, that’s means you come close enough, you about to some lead

    • Try Lawrenceville, Georgia. Talk about counnnnttrryyy!!! I live in South Carolina.

  5. Every year since I was a kid shit goes down after the BET Awards. This never happens after the Grammys or Billboard Awards.

  6. What happened to going to an event with your Wife or Girlfriend? Hetrosexuality is so last Century amongst these Black men.

  7. Quote from Darlene Ortiz (Ice T’s ex -chick) “Y’all (black people) cant even have a BET weekend without fighting each other.”

    I’m not making this up; Darlene said this shit on Corey Holcomb’s show. Darlene is Mexican.

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