MC Lyte Pleads for Kanye’s Return: ‘Where Are You?’

    mc lyte kanye west

    MC Lyte took to her Instagram to plead for Kanye’s return.

    Lyte must not realize Yeezy’s in the sunken place because she begged for him to “sing his song” and tell the world “how he feels.”

    Peep her open letter:

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    1. He’s locked up in the basement. He’s not allowed out until the K’s say he can come out. Call 911.

    2. That mother fucka let the industry take him out of the game mentally…

      He went from Jesus Walks…to calling himself yeezy a play off of Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew)…

      I have no sympathy for those who sell their souls for fame & a few trinkets…smdh.

    3. Kanye West, one of many black men who had the potential to accumulate power and create real “Hope and Change.” What did the government do? They dispatched one of their white female operatives to sexually seduce him. This government operative is a fake ass porn star name Kim Kardashian. The Kanye we knew is dead. This Kanye is a agent of white supremacy.

      • Scrambled his brain. His account has been wiped clean. He will be found in the bottom of some pool some day. He’s done.

        • The bleaching of the hair is ALWAYS a give a way to some sort of “mind wiping” some sort of brain washing. I have noticed it in these celebs right before or after a fake “traumatic” event.

      • Y’all give these white women too much power. We need to stop coddling these black men who make decisions on their own. No one forces these men to be with these type of women. He has more options than the common man.

      • White women have no power…black men just fall for the mind fuck of believing having a white woman is the pentacle of success.

        If you all are that weak to buy into the BS you deserve everything you get.

      • @NBA 100%!!!!! And that is most likely why the mother was removed. Kanye used to have good sense and taste in women. Google who he was engaged to before K-trashian. I heard Kanye’s mother would have never gone for the shit show he’s married to today.

        • But these women didnt hurt Tupac or Mike Tyson careers! They ended up hurting themselves!

    4. Don’t forget he was called / summoned to meet with the new POTUS. The concern now means something. Maybe this one is brave enough to call it out on social media. Wonder WTF is goings on!

    5. His fashion empire plans didn’t work out and black ent. moguls(boule) threw him in the trash when he was no longer profitable musically and betrayed them with his truth rant.

    6. Where the hell has MC Lyte been? Is she unaware of all the things that Kanye has been going through? How does the world know and she doesn’t? Lyte…Hun…Unfortunately, all the lights are off and there’s nobody home in Kanye’s house (mind). The man is MIA!

    7. Ye is in that “sunken” place. They’ve fucked with his mind, and ran all kind of brainwashing techniques bullshit on him. They made him the example of what happens when you speak the truth, and call out of the masters.


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