Kodak Black Clarifies Thoughts About Black Women: ‘I Don’t Deal With Dark Skin’

    kodak black black women

    Kodak Black got dragged after saying he doesn’t like to date black girls during one of his Instagram Live sessions.

    Now, the rapper is trying to clarify his statement, but he probably just made things worse.

    Peep the caption:

    Y’all still supporting his music or…?

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    1. Still supporting his music? Hell no. Even if I knew what the hell he did I wouldn’t want anything to do with it.


    2. He’s a white supremacist in black skin poisoning the minds of our children…sorry pos

      • Black single mothers are poisoning the minds of our children!!!!! white supremacists are not needed.

    3. He thinks he is talking like the YT boy who says he prefers redheads over blondes or brunettes but he is talking about skin color not hair color. BIG BIG difference so I question his street smarts. He has no cred in my book among other things.

    4. He looks like he is wearing a set of those big false front magic teeth.

      The ones they sell on tv for toothless people & when they smile look like a donkey going hee-haw.

    5. He needs help. Is anyone on his team able to deprogram him or is his whole crew like this.

    6. Did he include his mother, aunt, sister, cousin in his remark? He really is a lost cause.

    7. Black men who say this are just echoing what their white massa has always said. Black people as a whole are judged by the color of skin by others. We don’t need these traitors. We need to cast these type of people out!

      • obama started this LIGHT IS RIGHT campaign. before he got in office we were singing



        • You sound stupid. This been going on since slavery with blacks and separation by color.

          • Nope. Say it Loud, I’m Black and I’m proud was the mantra of the 70s generation.


            LIGHT SKIN WAS OUT.

            ASK SOMEBODY!

    8. Giving this clown’s opinions the time of day is just validating him. Just say “Kodak who?” and keep it moving.

    9. he has no experience at all with white women. that’s why he thinks they are all june cleaver

    10. Because I know my sistas go through hell and back…I see nothing wrong with what he’s saying or how he’s feeling about this. In my eyes I am happy to see and know that there is one less BM asshole for my sistas to have to deal with. He wants to be on the other side and yet he looks better on the other side. I thank him for taking his bs over to the other side.

    11. Sistas already got a lot to deal with. Thank you Black for removing yourself from our lives. Let those other women deal with his ignorance with his ugly ass.

    12. Kodaks bisexual he love Going to jail just like every other wannabe gangster rapper why folks wanna get a satanic cross inked on their forehead

    13. He likes dick like the rest and best believe team chocolate aint checking for no Gremlins.

    14. I don’t get how a black “man” could say that. I’ve seen some very beautiful very dark skin sistas out there. Talking about the type that make the color look good. Mmmm. Lol he is trippin

    15. you dont deal wiith dark skin women cause u hate your mother dumb ass coon….i guess by sayimh this he thinks his getting points from the white media fucking fuck boy

      • A lot of back men do hate their mothers. Why do you think so many of them now turn to men? It’s a real problem which is seldom discussed. The only person who talks about it is Tommy Sotomayor, and he is honest about hating his mother for constantly beating his ass and putting him down.

        • Mothers were NOT meant to be Disciplinarians. The black fathers failed them, and they blame the black mother who could have aborted them and be done with them or give them to foster care.

    16. @Claudia…In this case his Mama should’ve swallowed him or wiped him up off the floor and put him in the trash can. Lol.

    17. Tommy dates BLACK women. Tariq Nasheed is the one married half white Zionist Jew.

    18. Tommy dates Black women. Pro Black Tariq Nasheed is married to a half white Zionist.

    19. Who cares if he doesn’t date black women. If you worry about who he is dating you are insecure.

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