Rihanna’s New Billionaire Boo Behind Falling Out with Naomi Campbell?

Rihanna and her billionaire boo were spotted again today, but this time their clothes are on.

It turns out Rihanna new boo has his own money and is the heir to Saudi Arabia’s largest Toyota distributor. He also owns a soccer team.

Rihanna versus Naomi Campbell

Rihanna's New Saudi Boo

Allegedly, this is the man at the center of the Rihanna/Naomi Campbell fall out.


  1. Naomi don’t worry girl…he sees a shinny new car and once he is done riding it…next! Ask Leonardo DiCaprio…

  2. him and naomi was just friends and she was cocktails blocking telling him not to mess with rhianna she’s a h0e. HE TOLD RHIANNA WHAT SHE SAID SO RHIANNA DON’T FUCK WITH HER HOOF FOOT HAVING ASS. NAOMI IS THE TYPICAL CHINESE ZODIAC HORSE PERSON.

    • naomi you say is the hoof foot walking woman…but she is the model ALL models imitate….and just for the record beyonce said her walks are after naomi. no one can walk a catwalk like naomi. i would take naomi over a drive thru riri in a minute.

  3. Naomi is a high priced escort anyway she mad cause dude spending money on someone else

  4. Why Rihanna got that man showing all 32 teeth?
    Why Naomi never made him smile like that?

  5. What is Dollas 11 (MF) to Rhi? I know what the media says but what does she really do?

  6. Somebody’s always taking Naomi’s man. That lol Asian model she was mentoring stole the billionaire Russian from her.

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