Watch Girl Detail R. Kelly’s Attempted Seduction and Eccentric Behaviors!

R.Kelly’s odd behavior will be on full display tomorrow when a woman details how he tried to seduced her into his way of living.

Reportedly, the woman will discuss all she knows about Kelly, from his sexual behavior to him wanting her to “meet her sisters”. “Her Sisters” being the other girls Kelly has living at his crib.

“He said to put my fingers in his booty” ? ? ? ?

Check out the shocking interview below:


    • Glad somebody else has some SENSE! I can respect her honesty in that she admitted she PURSUED HIM and did everything he asked her to do because of who he is and what he represented.

  1. Any man who wants a finger up his ass wants a dick up his ass. In other words he is gay!

    P.S. Most hollywood stars are gay.

      • I been suspected like all.those pedophile hints he gave calling himself the pied piper we all knew what the pied piper did he took all the kids from the village and kept them for himself

        Kelly ain’t fooling nobody bit those lovesick freaks who still he sexy and he wore a dress

  2. Gay, Gay, and more Gay. All of them get their butts played with. Kells a str8 pedophile

  3. Kelly goes both ways.

    Know for a fact he fucked with a young boy(teen) in Chicago.

      • Unless you are in his bed every night, you don’t know what or who the fuck he does.

        And there are men who sleep with children same sex or otherwise that sleep with women and have children of their own…

        • Unless you know him PERSONALLY like I do you should keep your fucking (pun intended) comments to yourself!

          • Bitch YOU don’t KNOW shit…Stop sucking his dick he has plenty of others doing that for him.

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