DAYYYYUM!! Lil Duval & The Breakfast Club Roast The Real Side Chicks of Charlotte

This caps off THOT appreciation week on The Breakfast Club! Have a nice weekend…

Jump to the 13:30 mark.


  1. As well they should be roasted…

    All these basic bitches are busted as fuck!

    I see why they are side bitches, because they will never be the main chick.

  2. This is the dumbest shyt I ever seen. But I have to admit I think all woman are side chicks until they get married, then if you a wife that got a cheating husband, that’s a side chick too.

    The only person who appears to have a real husband right now is Ayesha Curry.. lol ? He the only celebrity I can think of they stay fresh. The rest of these wife’s are all side chicks, including Beyoncé!!!

        • I’m not a side bytch at all. I keep my cookies in the cookie jar with a seal on the lid and in a box with duck tape on it. My mouth ain’t nevah!!!!!!!!! Had a penis in it!!! And my butt aint nevahhhh had anything but a laxative. So Technically, I don’t qualify as a side chick, but I know a side bytch when I see one ☝️

      • Girl if you ain’t married, and having sex with a man, you a side chick!!! Because he just using you until he find the woman he actually want to marry. So she is right girlfriends/ main chicks ARE side chicks too!!!

        Then if you a wife that have a cheating husband, you also a side chick. Cause the only reason he cheating is because he don’t really love or respect you. That would also qualify as a side chick!!!cause you married to a man that really want a divorce..

        Proof Mimi was a main bytch that turnt into a lonely bytch while her dude wifed his side bytch that is now his main Bytch!!!!

        I know these shows are scripted but I got 9 uncles and 3 brothers, so trust me I know side bytches when I see them and some wife’s are side bytches too. Cause I got some men in my family that hate the woman they married too and can’t wait for an escape route. I don’t understand why they can’t just leave. I watch my uncle, get married but told me two hours before the wedding he really ain’t want to marry her, but he need a two income household.

        • Like I said SPEAK FOR YOURSELF…you have too much time on your hands to be on here writing scripts of your & your people’s life.

          Just because you know fucked off dudes and have them in your fam does NOT speak for all men and just because you believe you are a side bitch does not mean every woman is one…

          Your opinions stink worse than your asshole….

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