Told Ya So! Vincent Cirrincione Accused of Sexual Harassment, Taraji Speaks out

vincent cirrincione sexual assault

Hollywood is finally being clued in on what HSK readers have known about since November 2017! Hollywood manager Vincent Cirrincione, who helped launch Taraji P. Henson and Halle Berry’s careers (Halle no longer works with him), has been accused by MULTIPLE women who have accused him of sexual harassment.

Two alleged victims said they were drawn to him because of his perceived influence in marketing black actresses in white Hollywood.

Filmmaker Tamika Lamison said this about an audition she had with him:

“In the middle of the poem, he grabbed me and kissed me, he stuck his tongue in my mouth, and I was shocked, I pushed him away.” – Tamika Lamison

Lamison said Cirrincione also offered to take her on as a client only if she was willing to have sex with him.

Another accuser, Peppur Chambers, said she felt she had no choice but to continue working with him because he was the producer of her burlesque show.

“I sacrificed my integrity. I sacrificed who I was as a woman in order to produce a show that I believed in.” – Peppur Chambers

Cirrincione released a statement admitting to “affairs while in committed relationships,” but said he “never used favors, sexual or otherwise, as a reason for managing anyone” and that “not one of those relationships were anything but consensual.”

Taraji had this to say when the news broke.

So far, nine women in total have made accusations against him. Will Hollywood take these accusations seriously since black women are involved?

Catch up on all the tea HSK spilled about Vincent and his alleged ways here and the seedy motels he allegedly frequented with black actresses.


  1. Please. Most of these women gladly gave this nasty ass man the goods for a check. Taraji’s ass even said he paid for things for her. Ain’t no man especially a white man going to do all that unless he’s getting something in return. Now she wants to act like she don’t know what’s going on. Girlbye

  2. Uh No…No one will care.

    Shit anthony anderhog still has not been outed in the mainstream media for his MULTIPLE RAPES…nor gay-me for for impregnating one minor that we know of…it is all BS.

  3. funny how bill cosby was the only one arrested and inverstigated.

    Russell simmons ass stepped down right whjatever.

    no wonder sanaa, taraji and other black females in Hollywood never married hell they escorting.

    taraji’s baby daddy was killed years ago

  4. Ew. Like, even if you have to do music videos, gospel plays, and low budget movies until you get a good role, isn’t that better than this?

    I mean, everything aside, ladies. Really?

    • YUPP!!!! Big ole burley brotha was getting banged out by some old rich white dude in exchange for a Range Rover and upkept maintenance of the car. Brothas need to stop frontin and acting like black woman and black man are in competition to fuck a neanderthal! Many of those sistas who were raped during slavery secretly killed the mamzers that were born to them. This shit aint funny. Now you got these dude acting like it’s a prize to bed the sKKKum of the earth. smh. What we need to do is segregate from these monsters.

  5. stfu c******

    You filthy degenerates did not engage in any consensual relations during that time, and only chicks like Blac Chyna will go near you now. Rob will pay millions in alimony and child support, and Chyna was messing with a ton of dudes the entire time.

  6. Once again Jacky proves to be the best urban journalist in the business! Halle Berry and Taraji P Henson did the Monster’s Ball with a fat racist white man and became superstars. The other black women just got a white dick in their mouths!

  7. Halle Berry and Taraji P Henson should tell the truth and admit they they fucked this fat white guy in exchange for fame and money!

  8. I’m in agreement with jst about everyone opinions,the only reason these entertainers
    are making a so called”stance” is because we the black buying public are finally
    hip to their bs,and will not support/tolerate ANY of them with our dollars until they
    get their act together smh

  9. “True art can only be created in an environment of vulnerability and trust…”

    Spoken like a true submissive…on the other hand or knee it could be created in a hotel bathroom or office floor.

    There is an admission in every quote by these accusers all you have to do is read it objectively. They assumed the position and got what they wanted case closed. No need to comment on it any further unless of course you are following derect orders to take down said offender by any means necessary.

    Note to self…auditions dont happen in hotel rooms at 3 in the morning…or do they???


  10. ^^^^ Auditions happen in one of two ways, the ghettogaggers way or the Eyes Wide Shut way. Pardon me, I’m going to watch the movie The Black Starlet.

      • Yeh its sad…most of those women have no souls…whats weird is that some of those women are from the streets… mothers and all and its like they just wake up one day and take up the offer do be degraded. Sadly to some of those sistas probably move like “queens” with black men demanding they respect them smdh

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