Kylie Jenner Announces Birth of Baby Girl

kylie jenner pregnancy announcement

Kylie Jenner has just announced she has officially given birth to a healthy baby girl.

The reality star, who’s been M.I.A. for the majority of her pregnancy, also posted this video on YouTube in dedication of her daughter:



  1. Come one come all YT girls and get knocked up by a BM and you too can live my life. Is that what’s she is trying to say and do?

    • a lot of women and men, for that matter, love black men, can’t blame them for that lol.

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  2. Another site’s comment went something like: if she was a BW she would be a baby mama but since she isn’t, she’s a new mother! Racism in all it’s glory!

  3. The KKlan never speaks about racism yet they flaunt their BM bfs that have fertilized them or a petri dish as ‘proof’ they are not racist. Probably won’t discuss racism because they don’t want to alienate their ‘fans’ and minions.

  4. Congrates of course.. But on side note what’s the big deal mix black babies are born every day…hell her sister just had one the other day. Im just sayin im tired of the media making every thing but there farts seem like its interesting… WHO CARES …i guess we for got how she was dating tyga when she was like she a New mother.. This should surprise no one…

  5. Why are they trying so hard to convince us all of a sudden. First of all that she was pregnant, second that she actually gave birth and third was the baby indeed a female???

    I admit I almost threw up when to touchef their bellies together and threw up the goat horns to show who their true allegiance is to…

    Wake up people you’ve been had now for shits and giggles watch out for her next video showing how she worked out and “snapped back” into her pre pregnancy bod in 5, 4, 3..

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