Pilar Sanders Goes Public With J Prince

pilar sanders j prince

He might be one of the most feared men in Hip Hop, but J. Prince was able to win over Deion Sander’s ex-wife, Pilar, according to her Instagram post.

The Houston CEO of Rap-a-Lot Records can be seen snuggling up to his new boo in a caption which reads:

“When you share #love for #helpingothers and #givingback the #joy is indescribable no faking – no fronting all #real”



  1. Good for her, Deion will definitely be respectful. J Prince is of the same level. Deion tried to take the kids from her, what a ?

  2. I’m happy for her, her ex is a SOB.. He’s just a bitter heshe, gossiping like old women.
    She was good enough to raise all his children..He’s the type of man that will never be satisfied…

  3. Not ! where is his wife Mary ? …..that helped him raise all his kids ,none of these men ain’t shit. …….. and it’s the women faught because they are bitches and not Mothers who demand respect ……..know thyself Love Thyself and stop going from one slave owner to another one Love and Life

  4. I love how yall want to act like this bitch aint as equally fucked up and crazy as Deion!

  5. j prince used to pimp Lydia harris who married Michael harry o and j prince used to pimp choice and other women back in the day.

    even suge knight used to think twice before crossing j.

    j used to have his artists beat on the regular JUST LIKE SUGE DID TO HIS ARTISTS.

  6. I knew they were an item. Seen them together at a block party in Fifth Ward (Houston Texas)

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