Nicki Minaj’s Brother Gets Brutally Jumped In Prison

nicki minaj brother jumped prison

Nicki Minaj’s brother, Jelani Maraj, was found guilty of child rape in December 2017, and he’s now getting a taste of what life behind bars is all about.

In this exclusive video, Maraj gets jumped by a rival prison gang after they found out he was a convicted child molester.


  1. Good now if someone could fuck up the rest of the pedos in and out of the industry

  2. Good! That shows that Nikki isn’t paying protection money for that predator.

  3. Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time. I hope they drilled him a new asshole.

  4. How can we tell thats even him. Well who ever it is. Damn.. They just let him get jumped like that… Not taking up for nicki s bro. Cause he had it coming.. Its just a trip the guards let it go that far…

    • You must not know shit about prison…guards set MFs up to be killed.

      So he is lucky he just got an asswhoopin’.

      • That was no asswhoopin that was a full on beat down. I thought pedo’s were housed on a seperate block. If it was him then YAY for the inmates and it appears the guards allowed it to happen with the camera being block during certain shots. This dude deserves everything coming to him with what he did to that child and family so have at it!

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