Is This a Good Look? Bruno Mars Is Bringing the ‘Sis’ Cardi B On Tour

cardi b bruno mars tour

After the success of their collaboration on the song “Finesse,” Bruno Mars has decided to take his “sis” and labelmate Cardi B on tour with him.

This might be a bad move for Bruno. His Twitter comments are already in shambles.

bruno mars cardi b tour


  1. Yes it would be good for his show, the younger crowd will love it and that’s all that matters to the execs. That’s just white old people being white old people “Racist”. His show is going to sell out with or without Cardi and with or without those old racist white people. He don’t need them or Cardi. Show is still going to sell out.

    • It’s old black women that ain’t into her. She don’t even bump with black folk like that. She use black people for money like they her stripclub Trix. And I say they because I’m black but I’m don’t support this ho.

      • Obviously they are the one you responded to is exactly what you said.

        And since you are not paying attention the biddies talking about her as it pertains to this post are white.

  2. It would bring revenue from both the young crowd and the more musically sophisticated crowd. Good SHMONEY move. lol

  3. Funny how all the comments are from old white people. They making it sound like Bruno is a white country singer from Greenboro Alabama that has a hit song with Cardi B ? I think it’s smart actually. Cardi is hot right now so why not bring her along?

    • lmao…I was checking that out too!! LMAO. I was like, how are they an authority on Bruno and Cardi?

    • No classy respectable woman of any color would want a gang advertising ran through thot that brags about never using condoms being promoted on any stage performing but you hood rat baby mommas with herpes in yal throats and a itchy weave talking I can’t get a man.

  4. Blind Item from another website, Bruno Mars is back on drugs big time.

    Regarding Bruno & Cardi B, don’t know. I’m still stuck in the disco era. And loving it.

    • No the blind item talking about Offset beating this bitch ass after the grammys explains alot. She prolly told him about this bruno shit and he flipped. I think thats the T here

    • Play them old disco records get your boogie fever on and snort sine coke and phukk a fag like its 1977 freak out

  5. Don’t do it Bruno, you have a fairly decent reputation and this skank will ruin you.

  6. I have a better idea. Why doesn’t Bruno record an album of *Filipino* music since he’s *Filipino* and not black? Why doesn’t he make his own music instead of exploiting our culture?

    I can’t stand this dude. Go away.

          • You sound ignorant as fuck. Bruno has a huge fan base he can do whatever the fuck he wants and still make money. No one said he has to always sing in the Filipino language but it would be cool for him to at least make one album or a song in the language. I bet your close minded ass hasn’t heard about the korean pop band bts. Well they are very popular in the USA and all over the world and they sing songs in Korean.

            • Korean a******* appropriate our stuff too.

              And no, Bruno wouldn’t make any money making traditional filipino music.

        • Actually you don’t know me. I listen to every fucking thing as long as it sounds good as most of the world does the same. You tried it by being a smart ass but came off stupid af

      • ohh hellz naw, have you even heard Philippino music? I have, and it would not win any awards ?
        The world is running off of “old white people” and their generations of money. Not just the entertainment industry, health care, social services, corporations, banks… GTFO here with that nonsense.

        • Actually, it runs on *African* minerals, metals, natural resources, and more. That’s why whites devote so much resources to creating problems there.

    • Like how do you not like Bruno his songs be jamming and that’s not no bandwagon stuff his albums are really good, I don’t care if he bit off the beats it still sound better than that let her garbage they play on the radio.

    • @Anonymous Feb 2, 2018 at 12:01*-Huh? Why stop there, how about Puerto Rican with Ashkenazi influence music too? Smh, silly comment.

    • What is FILLIPINO MUSIC?
      Music is universal. Not by color or by race.

      ” Limited thinking” is A UGLY DISEASE, right along with dumb shit like “fillipino music”

  7. I like Bruno. He really is innovative. His music is not cookie-cutter, generic and bland. I guess he is just passing along the thanks. Cardi B today, tomorrow …

      • So what. It still sound good! And his last albums were not rip off songs and it they were still good. I like him, you’re just a grade A hater. How much you weigh?

        • STFU You Burnt Out Old Bitch….

          No one is hating on some Short Coked Out Rip Off Clown…

          You live for nobodies because you are one, now go Choke on a Hot Link and Die Already, Cow.

          • Do you know what a nobody is? Because if you did you would know everyone on here can tell that’s exactly what you are. You sound Fat, mos definitely ugly and miserable. You hate EVERYTHING!!!

            • LMAO…Yet YOU are that MISERABLE, LONELY, FAT Bitch here on a Friday Night because you have NO MAN or Friends…LOL!

              Speaking about yourself only makes you look as Stupid as you are.

    • I like him too!
      They are lable mates. And smart business people. Rake in the cash while you can.
      TOURS are where the money us made. You dont make money off a .99 download

  8. They both can go to hell in a handbasket as far as I am concerned… two over-hyped clowns exploiting black music and MFs eating it up like hawg maws….smfh.

  9. Sorry so you don’t start a thread about my typos. I hope one day soon you find happiness..Because you are negative to the 10th power about EVERYTHING!!! I feel bad for the people who actually know you, they probably hate being around you.

  10. Its prob a good business move for bruno’s camp,and i agree
    when i first heard/seen him..mho..he’s a very good musician ok performer
    but he’s basically a rip off of 70’s/80’s r&b soul/funk,like all the other
    current day crackers are,my ?’s are why aren’t record co’s promoting
    yng/new black acts in tht genre we blk ppl created & why do you
    ppl continue to buy/promote tht watered dwn crap

    • Its not a rip off.
      You can love the musuc of that era and put out music styled like that.
      This is his PARTY – Get up And dance album
      Music used to be fun. I love Bruno.

      I love his music, his work ethic, his style ad his bad ass band! He writes hits! He plays multiple instruments. He is a ENTERTAINER. and this is SHOW BUSINESS.

  11. To his credit, Bruno did acknowledge black contribution to American music, but that’s as far as I go in being nice about the dude. He should stop, most of his Filipino, Ashkenazi, Puerto Rican family probably don’t like black people. I’m not here whining about it, it’s just that when we’re going through shit, which is often, where are these people? So they love ripping our music, but don’t want nothing to do with black people and we’re supposed to be cool with that? I’m not mad that he’s getting these awards and recognition because it’s becoming too familiar that America loves giving awards to non black people appropriating black music, see how Eminem and Justin Timberlake will dominate the hip hop and R&B awards at next year’s Grammys

    • PUFFY AND KANYE WEST “sampled” everybody — thats ripping people off
      All these little rappers except Kendrick Lamar and Eminem cant write lyrics. dont have the vocabulary to stretch 2 songs.
      All of these artist cant play an instrument or read music.

      HIS Writing Partner is Black PHILLIP LAWRENCE

      So I guess these black men are all ripping iff the cukture too?

      You are stupid

      • Truth hurts.

        Thank you for bringing facts.

        Most of these dumb, snowflake Gen y z have no clue and get butt hurt and maniacal when anyone disagrees with their short sighted views.

      • No YOU are stupid…

        When Blacks give homage to Blacks that makes sense.

        When a cokehead non-black POS does it and ignorant nggas like yourself support it…it just shows how brainwashed & fucked up in the head you dipshits are.

          • STFU Bitch at least spell shit right when calling someone stupid.

            Speaking the truth is not taking anything personal Dumb Fuck.

      • Ummm we stupid cause we disagree?i get it,ppl like what they like but no way n hel
        ima listen/support BM or them other song jackN crackers passing off over produced,too loud,watered dwn,computer driven,no mid range having”so called”r&b/soul”..take a few min’s or so & listen to any youtube 70’s/80’s soul/funk/r&b playlist mho…ima go sit dwn now

  12. Cardi B doesn’t make money moves, she makes devilish moves. In due time she will suffer the consequences for her temporary fame just like Lil Kim. Remember Lil Kim? She was the beautiful black women who made deals with the devil. Currently Lil Kim looks like the Joker! The joke is on Lil Kim and Cardi B. Hopefully those two black women don’t suffer the same fate as Heath Ledger!

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