Vincent Cirricione’s Lair of Lust Revealed as Seedy Sunset Strip Motels


HSK EXCLUSIVE – The Hollywood legacy of Vincent Cirrincione appears destined for disgrace as a set of self-proclaimed “Vinny’s Vex Vixen’s” say they expect to see the film producer’s path soon rerouted to go down as a blot on the Walk of Shame. Just ask CEO of Ethnicity Model Management, LaShawnna Stanley — noted as the heaux wrangler “who served as the lead direct connect to Vinny The Mack.”

“Halle Berry was the golden egg that Vinny bumped clear out of a homeless shelter across from New York City’s Port Authority.”

This news comes at the height of the nation’s unprecedented #MeToo historical movement … with all accounts reportedly foretelling of what could be a grim future for CIRRINCIONE which could lead him plunging into the abyss of perversion eerily similar to the likes of Harvey Weinstien and Bill Cosby. That’s according to foreign adversaries of the Brooklyn-bred two-time Emmy Award nominee [Introducing Dorothy Dandridge (1999), Lackawanna Blues (2005)]. “After 20-years of being managed by Cirrincione, Halle Berry jumped ship in 2015,” the source revealed. “Vincent got a rude awakening when he found out the white executives in Hollywood didn’t consider Tajari P Henson as a sex symbol. That caused him to snap and spiral into a deep depression.”

Here’s what a Silence Breaker reveals:

“Back in the day, Vincent became known for his afternoon specials. He used to take aspiring Black actresses to them seedy motels run by the Indians, between Detroit Ave. and Wilcox Ave., on the Sunset strip.”


  1. This guy has all the right moves by pulling Halle out of a homeless shelter & getting her to the star that she is? She would done any sexual act he demanded because she believed she owed him. Vincent is a true predator.

  2. Halle Berry Was “Actually” Penetrated By Billy Bob Thornton In Monster’s Ball . . . . . It Was A Sexual Ritual . . . .

    • Thank you! I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw the director’s cut of that movie! Halle got fucked by a racist white man on camera and the industry gave her the Oscar.

  3. Seedy motels run by Indians. This guy pushed the boat out for his gals. No Beverly Hills suites for them. I guess he felt it added to the experience.

    Tight fisted bastard.

    • He wouldn’t take the black actresses to the W or Century Plaza Hotel. He took them to dangerous, dirty motels on Sunset! Basically Vincent treats black actresses like hundred dollar hookers; then again he discovered Halle when she was homeless.

      • He is just being honest. Treating them like the industry will. Why do they put themselves through it?

  4. Take a close look fat the second picture. Vincent Cirricione is kissing Taraji P Henson on the cheek. I bet my next paycheck Vincent has fucked Taraji a bunch of times. I bet you Taraji has sucked and swallowed Vincent at least ten times per week. Brothers and sistas how do you feel that the most popular black actress is getting fucked by this fat racist white man?

  5. I see why nobody married taraji by now

    Too many black actreeses are still bachelorettes

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