MC Lyte Apologizes for Talking Foul About Sexual Harassment Victims

mc lyte sexual harassment

MC Lyte was out of pocket with her latest Instagram post where she makes light of sexual harassment.

mc lyte sexual assault

She knew she was out of line so the post has since been deleted and she replaced it with an apology.


  1. Nope MC Lyte you was right don’t take it back. I believe some of these ppl were abused or sexually harassed but I do see that most of the could of made better decisions to prevent these things. None of these so called rapist are being accused of being violent to where these people could not have gotten away. Yes they need to be exposed but people need to make better choices in life of who house and car they go in.

  2. Hope nobody pulls no dirt back on her mc lyte used to hang around a lgbt downliw crowd

    Surprised she married a man

    • If he calls you up at 3 am, tell to fuck off. If he says come give me a BJ, I’d rather be fired. Some of these women jumped on the casting couch & want to cry victim.

      • Agreed. Walking mattresses some of them but got the nerve to yell rape for the dollar but just the other day they jumped to it when the director/producer asked “What that mouth do?”

        • I hope you both have someone you love as a victim so you know better than to speak on what you DON’T know.

  3. Man fuck all that politically correct bullshit….. Why do people feel they have to apologize for speaking the truth. I don’t get it…. All this shucking and jive just for a check and a little bit of fame. I love MC Lyte, but all that apology bs is nothing less than cooning.

  4. There is no reason to apologize MC Lyte knew what she talking about. That’s the truth that’s exactly what’s happening maybe not in all cases but in whole lot I see it all the time every day with my own eyes. Let’s be real now.

  5. What’s real is men abuse their power every chance they get.

    Most men don’t understand the difference between someone being nice and flirting. Just because a woman is pleasant with you at work does NOT mean she wants to get with you.

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