Evelyn Who?! French Montana Spends the Evening With Sanaa Lathan

sanaa lathan french montana

After going all out for Evelyn Lozada on her 42nd birthday, French Montana spent the evening with Sanaa Lathan at Jay Z’s concert.

The rapper even was old enough to put 46-year-old Sanaa all over his Instagram.


Sanaa and 33-year-old French have been dodging dating rumors ever since this suspect video was posted online back in 2015, and there were even rumors she was pregnant with his baby in 2016:


  1. Sanaa is real dirty hoe. Similar to Halle, she fucked that fat racist white man Vincent Cirrincione. Unfortunately Sanaa didn’t receive the same money and fame as Halle. Sanaa got a few starring movies, but never won a Oscar or received seven figure endorsements. In addition, Sanaa did the satanic ritual and shaved her head bald for a movie that Halle was supposed to star in. Hollywood actresses; pretty on the outside, pretty pathetic on the inside! #Jezebels #DenzelsBabyMama

    • Sanaa’s dad has some pull in Hollywood, I don’t see why would she have to fock and suck this Vincent guy?

      • If Stan Lathan had power, Sanaa would have Halle Berry’s career. Sanaa wouldn’t have had to shave her head bald for a movie role. Sanaa Lathan is B list; and that’s a stretch.

  2. French is the dealer to the stars. Sanaa is 2nd generation Hollywood. Her dad Stan Lathan is a big producer. I hope she doesn’t have a Lil habit.. Sanaa dumped Spike Lee for Denzel. Thas the level of men she deals with. I hope she isn’t banging French for drugs..

  3. Want to know who has pull in hollywood, Tracee Silberstein’s dad. Tracee Silberstein can’t act and looks like Beaker from the muppets (She got a gigantic ass though) but she is the only black actress to star on two hit tv shows. That is what you call pull. Stan Lathan doesn’t have that; then again Stan Lathan isn’t white.

  4. Lol at borg Queen. French is a gay man..this is the 2nd time diddy “set” him up with Sanaa. She’s a lesbian as well she’s too old to have no children and long term relationship.

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