Hollywood A-lister Anthony Anderson Heavily Implicated in New Rape Allegations!

Disney's Anthony Anderson Rape

Another Silence Breaker Surfaces:

“He said, ‘This is my movie, I make the rules. You want to continue working in the industry? I got the power to axe you out the game.” — Silence Breaker

HSK EXCLUSIVE — Less than 48-hours after Black-ish star Anthony Anderson appeared on The View, the Disney actor has been further implicated in the Hollywood sexual abuse scandal. These latest disturbing details implicate Anderson in the alleged rape of an award-winning female costume designer from the crew of one of his 42 estimated number of films.

“Anthony is another of Hollywood’s best kept secrets. He’s been getting down like this for a long time.”

During a recent silence-breaking statement, Anderson was described as a “serial sexual predator” reported to be responsible for devising “a ploy” to lure the victim to the Montreal apartment he accommodated during the 2004 film production of New Line Cinema’s comedy “King’s Ransom”, released in 2005. “It’s obviously a situation that was premeditated,” said the source. “Anthony had announced that he would be cooking a Sunday dinner for the crew, inviting members of the crew to the dinner party, insisting that she stay a little bit later and after everyone else left she found herself in a compromising position as he unmasked himself.” Motivated by the ‘Me Too’ movement, a secondary source stepped forward and said that “she was distraught when she described how he grabbed her around the waist and violently pulled her close to him and began to grope her “down there.”

Disney's Anthony Anderson Rape

“When she said ‘No, I’m married’, he continued forcing himself on her and said, ‘what happens in Canada stays in Canada.” — Silence Breaker

The disturbing details of this latest report are eerily similar to the set of past reports on record surrounding Anthony Anderson — who was recently named a nominee in the running for three 2018 Golden Globe Awards. On Tues July 27th, 2004, Anderson was arrested and charged with aggravated rape for the alleged sexual assault of a 25-year-old extra on the set of film production for the movie ‘Hustle & Flow.” Anderson’s co-defendant in the Memphis aggravated rape trial was Wayne Witherspoon, the assistant director for the film who was later released from his position after his arrest. According to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department, Anderson and Witherspoon “lured the woman into a trailer on the set.” A witness reportedly heard screams coming from the trailer, ran over and opened the door. “The woman ran out nude,” said sheriff’s spokesperson Steve Shular. After posting upwards of $40K+ (“and that’s what’s on record,” notes a whistleblower) the charges were dropped on October 6, 2004 by a bible belt judge who claimed the victim’s testimony was “suspicious.” “We all know how easy it was ten years ago for people in power to have rape charges thrown out,” noted a silence breaker. In true Trump form, Anderson later took to the media to seemingly boast over the “not guilty” judgement, while providing gut-churning commentary filled with apparent victim-shaming. “Back then, you know, we could have put her in the trunk, you know, with some plastic and taken her for a little ride,” said Anderson during a radio interview, while seeming to passive-aggressively reference a ‘free for all’ post-internet era. “The early 90s … *laughs*”

“It was said that someone heard screaming and opened the door that’s when the girl ran out. Do you think she was play screaming?”

Less than a month prior to the seemingly unjust judgement, another alleged victim stepped forward with sexual assault allegations against Anderson, reported to have “lured” the female extra to his dressing room after the filming of an episode of the short-lived Warner Bros. comedy-sitcom series “All About The Andersons”. Though the alleged incident is reported by the media to have led to a $900K lawsuit against Anderson and Warner Bros. TV, no further details of the case made media headlines. Industry insiders suspect “a settlement was met.”

“The victim said Anderson invited her to his dressing room, where he made suggestive comments, grabbed her genital area and sexually assaulted her.”

Fast forward to Anderson’s recent December 11th appearance on The View — an episode which paid special attention to the a string of sexaul assalt allegations with the appearance fellow comic and writer Tig Notaro, the Louis C.K. prodigy-turned-protestor. “Our entire writer’s room is all female and every person in the room has had an experience with assault, abuse or harassment,” revealed Notaro, who explained that each upcoming episode of ‘One Mississippi’ revisits a true testimony lived. “Every single one — it’s about power, it’s abuse and it’s disgusting.” The fact that Anderson made his appearance on the view during the same broadcast as Notaro’s is a situation that has sparked fury amongst both sexes working in the industry.

Here’s the word now circulating around the industry:

“Despite the vigilance of the show on behalf of the #MeToo movement, an interview with the black-ish star on Dec. 11 avoided any discussion of the charges. Was it the fact that ABC also produces black-ish that accounted for the absence of mention? Or will the hosts say they had no idea of the charges, even though they’re easily found on his Wikipedia page and would be quickly uncovered by anyone producing questions for the segment?”

Here’s what a source openly declared:

“He may rep the home of the LA Dodgers, but Anthony Anderson is not going to dodge another rape! He knows exactly what he did and he needs to know that there’s a select number of people from his Sunday dark day dinner in Montreal that are on deck and ready for Gloria.


  1. Wow ?! Anthony Anderson? I am so shocked. Who Else is going down on the #metoo Titanic ship?

        • Shit the rumor was sanaa was the homewrecker who was preggers with his kid when his wife was about to leave…back when they did that movie.

          There are some pics of her looking preggo back then, no one speaks on what happened to the kid.

          • Sheed. If she was. Prolly sacrificed it, in some “Spirit Cooking”/PizzaGate or something to the effect of that! These demons, pedos, and sodomites have to pay their due diligence, to stay relevant in ” HollyWould”. They would do anything!


      • Uh, most of Denzel’s female co-stars have willingly and enthusiastically engaged in relations with him…because he’s Denzel

        Denzel can get women ages 19 – 60 all over the world. The thirst is international, bruh.

      • Why? He’s been generally a good guy. Sure he’s cheated on his spouse but I wouldn’t want to see his legacy ruined by allegations of sexual abuse / harassment.

    • Don’t be shocked!
      It’s been know in Hollyweird for a long long time that he is a PIG…
      He has cheated on his wife with so many…We see him at different events and he
      is always trying to get his MACK on…Lol
      You have a wife you FAT GREASY PIG

      • Exactly!!! You can see the evil in his spirit even long before this came out. He looks just like the type that has to LIE to get c00chie.

    • I’m not shocked, I was at one of his show tapings and after the show he was talking this young girl from the audience and I noticed a very predator-like look in his eyes, like she was a steak and he hadn’t eaten in years. I’m not surprised, also, because of him aligning himself with Nate Parker and Bill Cosby. On another site’s thread I read someone saying they were giving him the benefit of the doubt bc [ONE OF] his rape charges was dismissed, ie, if a black man had his charges dismissed by a judge in Tennessee. HOWEVER, This judge was a black also. His victim was heard screaming on a set and was rescued from a trailer and she RAN OUT TOTALLY NAKED, and the judge dismissed bc apparently he stated her story was “incredulous” (misuse of word incredulous if that was how he said it). BUT DON’T SEVERAL WITNESSES TO SCREAMING, AND VICTIM RUNNING NAKED AFTER FREED FROM A TRAILER where she was with accused rapist SPEAK VOLUMES???!!!. What if the judge dismissed bc he is guilty of the same stuff or was a Anderson fan. Or, what if the victim was white and the black judge was trying to even the score like the OJ injustice verdict?

      • Thank you for your support Gisele. He is indeed a an Sodomizer, Serial Aggravated Rapist, and Child Molestor. I am @Janedoenomoe, Gisele

    • Part II: another reason I’m not shocked is did you see the expression on Anderson’s face during Oprah’s Golden Globe speech? If Anderson cares about this world being a cool place for HIS MOM HIS WIFE HIS DAUGHTER(S), he should have looked a little less unhappy about her speech.


      • Thank you for your support Gisele. He is indeed a an Sodomizer, Serial Aggravated Rapist, and Child Molestor.

  2. I am not shocked, this came out when it happened and was silenced by his handlers.

  3. This ain’t the 1st time for this fat fuck…he has to rape women. Who in the fuck would want em?!?!

    • Riiiiight? And when is he going to fill his jowls with juvederm so he can stop looking like a stressed Mitch?

  4. This is depressing to hear, i always thought he was one of the nice guys in Hollywood. Too bad if it’s true!

  5. “In true Trump form” should read “Clinton”. He was kicked out of Oxford University for rape, paid women off for raping them, and lost his Law licence. Visits convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Epstiens Island in some cases with Hillary, whos friend Laura Silsby was caught trafficking 33 black children out of Haiti.

    “The Black community is the easiest to manipulate”… George Soros, BILD September 2014

    • STFU Asshole…you keep trying to drag the black community when you don’t know the entire community.

      Someone needs to take you out of your misery.

      • Listen you savage, you support black child abduction in Haiti, I dont, you support rapists, I dont, you supportr Nazi collaborator Soros, I dont. The end.

        • FYI just because you put that shit under a soros quote does not mean shit…you have said the same and worse.

            • No one said that, Moron.

              What I said is you are a POS for constantly making fucked off comments about the black community, Dumb MF.

    • Rapist come in all forms and Bill has had his share of accusers who are quite believable. He has been doing this to women for over 40 years. These accusers came out back then when he was running for prez and now. Hillary knows it all and has remained quiet while accusing his accusers of lying. The black community considered Clinton the honorary first black president and has never been denounced for his actions. Even though he has never been prosecuted and never will we all know he is guilty as sin. Him being super friend of a pedo and visiting pedo island with Hillary is disgusting.

  6. The devil is coming to collect what is owed! Ahahahahah….

    Sold your soul worshipped Satan now he’s done with you used you for what he needed now it’s on to the youtuve stars. Hollywood is over.

  7. I thought he was gay like a blind item suggested on here….?

    How is he raping women if he supposed to be gay?

  8. I feel bad for the cast of Blackish. They will be out of work because this man has no morals and no dignity.

      • Very true they will all be w/out a job except the new Grownish. I was wondering why they started promoting like no tomorrow, now I know. Dang, I’m really surprised. Now the question is how much has Laurence Fishburne as the EP known?

  9. This is a big surprise because he comes across as a good guy. Other than, Russell and Cosby from previous accusations, very few black men in the business have been accused. Right now we have had men and women, accused and men, women, and children as victims. I’m sure this stuff goes on in Asia’s world of entertainment, Europe, but you won’t hear much about it.

    • Fuck his day in court.

      Disney is going to keep this under wraps as long as possible, right now he is their negro who laid the golden turd.

  10. I’m a lil taken back on this myself on this,thought he was a ok dude,time will tell
    ohbytheway he not fat anymore,we saw him at the compton christmas parade few weeks back

    • A Lap Band doesn’t keep a person from their FAT mentality.

      Same thing with females who loose a ton of weight. You can take the fat off the person, but you can’t take the person off the Fat mentality.

      • You are an idiot,

        The majority of people who gain weight do it to fill an emotionally hole…usually they were abused or raped and eating is their way of coping, it has nothing to do with a fat mentality, it has to do with emotional trauma.

        • STFU and go start a GoFundMe account for your “issues”, then. It’s clear your fat psychosis (mentality) nerve has been struck. You need a donation for your lap band. That much you just made clear!!! Obviously, your fat mentality has got a sensitive hold on you.

          • You STFU Dumb ChickenHead Bitch, I just have enough sense, unlike your stupid ass, to know fat people have issues that make them that way…you POS Moron.

  11. I read about Anthony Anderson’s rape charges back when they happened! Sad shame that these things have ALWAYS happened in hollywood & CONTINUE to happen.

    • Thank you for your support Tameshia. He is indeed a an Sodomizer, Serial Aggravated Rapist, and Child Molestor. I am @Janedoenomoe, Tameshia

  12. Part II to my response to “No Shame…” above: another reason I’m not shocked is did you see the expression on Anderson’s face during Oprah’s Golden Globe speech? If Anderson cares about this world being a cool place for HIS MOM HIS WIFE HIS DAUGHTER(S), he should have looked a little less unhappy about her speech.

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