Petty Beef: Nipsey Hussle Goes Toe to Toe With ‘Uncle Tom’ Reporter

nispey hussle reporter beef

So Nipsey Hussle’s outchea starting beef with KRON4 reporter Henry Wofford after he clowned Diddy for wanting to purchase the Carolina Panthers.

Wofford said he “couldn’t take Diddy seriously because he looked high and drunk.” Diddy is always gone off that Ciroc but you can’t deny he’s a good businessman! Nipsey even came to Diddy’s defense in this video:

Wofford saw the video and challenged Nispey to raise money for the black community, but Nipsey didn’t want no parts of that! Click the Instagram post to see him call Wofford an Uncle Tom!

nispey wofford beef

nispey wofford beef 2

Wofford has since apologized for his Diddy comment, but IDK how he’s gonna work his way out of this beef with Nipsey!

wofford diddy


  1. “They always use one of us to take us down” Diddy IS the “one of us”. He shot up a club and walked, but Shine got 10 years!! Riddle me that Batman.

  2. “They always use one of us to take us down” I fuck with Nipsey but man cut the bullshit.

    Biggie is dead.
    Some of his artists ended up in jail.
    Some of his artists ended up running to religion.
    And you can for sure say that none of his artists are richer than him.

  3. Lol at the ‘Upstanding Citizen Diddy’ Post by Wofford.

    His comment just screams that Wofford’s taxes are paid on time and he flosses after every meal.

  4. Diddy took us down too though. He is a piece of trash too. I hope the NFL get a black owner but not Diddy. Maybe Snoop or Obama or Deion Sanders but not no fag Diddy

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