Nicki Minaj’s Mom Speaks Out On Prison Fight

nicki minaj mom brother prison fight

Nicki Minaj’s mom, Carol Maraj, is speaking out about the video that showed someone who was believed to be her son, Jelani, getting stomped in a prison brawl.

According to Carol, the video is fake news:


  1. Somebody should have told Onika that Fix A Flat Tire Repair goes inside of tires, not black women’s asses!

  2. FOH !!! ~ Who Else In That Prison Deserved That Kind Of Beat Down !?!! Everything In That Video Is SUSPECT !!!

  3. Look, her mom needs to be quiet because it sounds like she’s defending him, and she’s hurting her daughter’s brand.

    She needs to accept reality. Justice happened, and let it be. Stop talking about this and focus on positive things.

  4. Well hopefully next time it is him, and hopefully he gets stomped the fuck out. Fuck her and him. The black community is fucked!

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