Jim Jones Accuses Gym of Racial Profiling

    jim jones la fitness gym racial profiling

    Jim Jones hit up an LA Fitness gym and was allegedly racially profiled after asking the front desk if he could use their laptop to charge his phone. He recorded the aftermath of the incident and posted the video on his Instagram:

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    @lafitness sombody please teach ur employees at flower st gym in LA how to talk and treat there customers I been a member for 4years and have never been treated like this it's is usually a very good experience well today was th worst I feel I have been profiled and lied on smh all cause I asked to plug my charger up to th side of one of there computers and she told me very nasty tht she not letting me uses th computer to charge my phone and tht I was a simple person sheesh I held my composer though went back to workin out another manager came up to me askin if I wanted to talk about wht happen I said no he need to talk to his employees about how they treat customers tht just want to charge they phone so as I'm leavin out I wave by to both th mangers at th same time and she lies and tell th mnger I gave her th middle finger but I was waving at both of them and th mangers all saw me waving then proceeds to ask me if I gave her th middle finger when he just watch me wave by to th both of them then they threatened to kick me out and get me terminated I asked on wht grounds they had no answer but th she said I gave her th middle finger which he saw I didn't but they work together so I guess he was just tryin to stay neutral moral of th story is I did not make u work at la fitness u chose tht urself so th least U could do is be helpful and courteous to all ur customers no matter color race wht clothes there wearing weather u like rap or country music it's th gym we just lifting weights it's no science class and it's not Fort Knox it's th gym a place people go to get intune wit there mind body n soul wit no interruptions especially not from th staff they suppose to b as helpful as possible as people try to better there health #Vampfitt #incaseyoudidnt I still did chest today through all th BS all because I wanted to charge my phone

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    After the backlash, the gym turned the comments section off on their most recent Instagram pictures.

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    1. I wasn’t there so I don’t really want to judge but I mean he’s taking it as they won’t let him borrow a charger because he’s black and in realty Some people are just naturally assholes towards people and not just based on race.

    2. All that money he makes he can’t open up his own gym?! That’s how u give the proverbial middle finger

    3. None of those Mexicans knows who he is, so they’re not going to let him hook anything up to their computers that could cause a problem. And he shouldn’t want them to do that. What if he has stuff on his phone that they could sell to TMZ, give to popo, or use?

      Anyway, they have an attitude for no reason. All they had to do was explain that they couldn’t do that, and offer a suggestion. Call immigration.

    4. TEAM JIM JONES! The employees can’t even respect the man by answering the questions and looking him in the face! Try 24 hour fitness or equinox! SAVE YOURSELF!

    5. Who says that? You can’t charge your phone through my computer because you are a simple person. The person said no and he didn’t like it and an exchange took place.

      Also, when you charge your phone through a computer, the computer detects an item has attached to it and may even download some information on your computer. You just don’t allow that on your system.

      Where is the whole story.

      • Exactly. His phone apparently wasn’t completely dead or he wouldn’t have been able to record a video and type or dictate his rant, then upload it to social media in a pathetic attempt to gain some attention.

    6. Why do folks go to these places .You can buy some weighs,weight bench , iron gym chin up bar , old fashion stationery bike, and single weights . Exercise everyday for a 1 or 2 maybe 3 hrs .Change your lifestyle + diet plan no bread, sodas, cakes, pies, fried foods,and limit sugar intake by moderation. Start taking vitamins an supplements everyday. Drink antioxidants fast for 24 hrs 2 -3 a week ???✌ ????

      • @ Anon 15:08, LMAO, DAYUM……how about not eating anything, just vitamins and water, vitamins and water, vitamins and water.

        • ^^^^THISSSS!!!!

          Some people are so fucking stupid they think the same thing works for everybody.

          There are people who do all that shit and still keel over from heart attacks.

          • Nothing wrong with Doritos, tacos, burgers, fries or shakes, especially if eaten in moderation.
            My personal fav is 2 chicken tacos w/cheese. Another is garlic roasted crab w/garlic noodles. I don’t eat like this everyday, but I do like to indulge every now and then, without feeling an ounce of guilt.

            • Don’t feel guilty for eating it by all means but, can you say for 100% sure that what you are indulging in is actually what it is pertaining to be?

              • WTF are you talking about?

                You do know they poison the water supply and put all types of contaminates on fruit and vegetables…so NOTHING You EAT is SAFE! Dummy…

              • Can anyone be sure? Are you sure everything you eat is what it’s suppose to be?

      • lololo i hear ya,if ur not a elite/pro athlete
        10/20 min physical fitness,healthy diet,rest keep hydrated(water& more water)
        you can save $$ and ull be ok..so says baba dick gregory

    7. Why not bring your own portable charger ($10-12 Belkin brand at Target) and not take a chance of pics or personal business leaking out? Also, I understand he was mad but giving someone the finger does not solve problems. He and Sherri Shepard need to learn how to report these things to the headquarters…not social media.

      • Their(the cheap ones) $1 at dollar tree here n la,they’ll prob will give him
        a free day pass(smoothie)or something for acting an azz

        • I’m from L.A. too and I got burned by a $2 charger I got from Big Lots. Not only was it not charged when I bought it but it wouldn’t take a charge either.

    8. Dang. I’m sure all those employees were fired just for letting it escalate this far. I know she can’t let him charge the phone in the computer because of hacking reasons. Butttt I own a business and any employees that get you this kind of attention, you have to let them go.

      Maybe they did not know he was famous.

      • Probably not why he exercised there, but being noticed is DEFINITELY why he’s trying to make this into a major thing. The only Jim Jones I know of is the religious nut who killed all those people in Guyana. When I Googled “Jim Jones”, the only thing that comes up aside from the dead religious nut is stories about this phone incident.

        I’m still not clear who this fool is or why he didn’t just leave his phone charging in his car. He apparently had enough juice to snap pics at the gym though.

        • I doubt he went to the gym to get noticed. No he should not be asking to charge his phone in a computer, but I’m sure the story went exactly the way he said because he’s challenging them to pull the tape and he is smart enough to know if they do pull the tape and it’s opisite of what he said, he got a lot to loose, way more than those employees.

      • I was thinking he’s at the public gym because he is in LA, well I thought that’s what it said.

    9. For Some Reason….Jim Jones Reminds Me Of…… “Pig-Pen”…. From The Charles M. Schulz Peanuts Comic Strip. #Very Dirty

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