Cardi B Gets Death Threats After Dissing Crips

cardi b crip

Cardi B, a self-proclaimed Blood, posted the above picture on her Instagram along with the caption: “I hate wearing Flue but this coat was too poppin”

F++k + Blue = Flue

After posting the picture, the rapper received death threats as well as this video message from a Crip:

Cardi kept the picture on her Instagram, but has since deleted her caption and turned off the comments.


  1. When you’re conflicted because a Quik remix goes hard, and a Snoopy Dee Oh double gizzle verse changes the whole song…I don’t want drama with either, is beige safe?

  2. It’s one thing for a man to be in a gang but to be a woman in it that’s not only sad but very pathetic come on a please get out of that life style you live by that life mentality and you will also die in that life mentality.

  3. There has to be a new story every day to keep these propped up stars in the news.

  4. They need to have a real life reality show about all of the movie stars rappers singers models athletes and the Kardashians were we can vote them off from hearing about them never again like voted off to a unknown Island with out phones TV’s cell phones and no social media like America next top nothing that would be so much better than to deal with this crap

  5. This chica is a joke. Dominicans should be very embarrassed. A fake blood from the Bronx. If she went to los angeles her behind would be handed to her.

    • TRUTH!!!!!
      Always said she was fakin it, claiming she ‘put in work’. The only ‘work’ she put in was likely her and her girls fighting other girls in the hood. Girl Bye!!!! Go into a nail shop on a weekend talkin that shit and see what happens…..
      Not sure why she’s out here promoting ignorant gang culture anyway, SMH.

    • She’s only half Dominican.

      She’s half Trini. I consider her Trini. Trini genes are stronger. 🙂

      She claims she was in it before, but many celebs are forced into gangs and mafia (extortion). That includes rappers, singers, athletes, and “rock” bands.

      • That bitch was not forced into shit.

        She prob screwed her way in.

        She damn sure was not forced to make that dumb ass comment.

  6. This dumb bitch better stay out of Los Angeles. The Crips might kidnap her and force her to fuck a dog on camera!

  7. Both of them are too cute to be gang banging. However Cardi may want to apologize and pray they forgive her because that girl is in Watts, that’s is equivalent to Syria. I’m assuming she’s probably from Grape Street, that’s like messing with the cartel. Cardi, they may not take that stuff serious in NY, but in LA you may want to calm down with all that color stuff, unless you ready to die for it. Watts is not the city you want to piss off. Even the military and police don’t mess with it.

    • You know something ain’t right when cops don’t even want to even go to grape street let alone response to a call from that neighborhood

  8. They don’t do know street sweeping, they don’t ticket cars, tow cars or nothing. Every house has bars on it, McDonald’s has bullet proof glass that the workers are on the other side of. The police don’t come if you call, one time they had the military come to protect the business during the riots, that did not work. The city might as well be like the movie purge and I’ve been to Brooklyn and Queens and all that stuff and believe me it ain’t got nothing on Watts, nothing!

    • Oh and I forgot about the 100’s of Pitbulls and German Shepard’s they got running wild. And they are actually street smart. The Dogs know how to look before crossing, don’t bother nobody, it even seems as if they have gangs. Because at night you will see 15 of them fighting another pack. They even did a reality show on the dogs in Watts. That’s how bad it is.

  9. Her dumb ass is supposed to be in la for the all-star game and to perform.

    Can’t wait to see if she follows through and how much security she has.

  10. I just wish this hoe would just fall the fuck off the map. I m so sick of hearing about here. Just another dumbass wannabe rapper trying to claim some shit they have no business claiming.

  11. Theses blood and crips on the east coast is fake. Im.from cali where it all goes down. When i was younger i got in with hoover crip . when you getnoldwr the shitndies down. But dont mistake it her mouth keeps running about it she can be got as we crips say ks up. She young and dimb and hopefull no one take her false flaggin serious. Most likely she got fucked in so her own set dont respect her.

    • What do you think? Cardi should publically apologize and stay out of LA for now. Because my thought process is, the gang members prob don’t care or want to do anything but she puts a lot of pressure on them by disrespecting crips and then coming to the city where they originated, to profit A quarter of a million off the clubs that they party at.

      I’m just trying to rap my finger around how she think that’s supposed to work and the gangs are supposed to remain respected. She should apologize so at the least they can have a reason to leave her alone. Otherwise if she keeps being disrespectful she kind of forcing there hands.

      Or I could be wrong, I’m not in a gang but it looks pretty serious out here judging by the amount of yellow tape I’ve seen, what you think?

  12. Theses blood and crips on the east coast is fake. Im.from cali where it all goes down. When i was younger i got in with hoover crip . when you get older the shit dies down. But dont mistake it her mouth keeps runnin about it she can be got as we crips say ks up. She young and dimb and hopefull no one take her false flaggin serious. Most likely she got fucked in so her own set dont respect her.

  13. Cardi stay on the East Coast. I would not come to Allstar. Let them keep that 250k, wait a few years because your problem is worst than biggies and biggie tried to apologize.

    You not as big as biggie, you disrespected more people than biggie and the clubs you going to are promoted by people affiliated with all the gangs in LA.

    I think you should stay back. Maybe only go to the game and get out. The club is not safe. But the Staple Center Is because nobody paying $900-7k to fight or shoot.

    But they will pay $200 to get into them clubs.

  14. Cardi you label and management are a concern to me as they should’ve been to Biggie. Pay attention a little harder, because there is a lot of people running they mouth buttttt there is even more that are not, that should. All I can say is you’re not that great of a rapper, nor can you be because of your speech problem, so they may have no use for you much longer annnddd there is a certain album that can benefit off this situation if you have drama in LA next week.

    Don’t be dumb. Publicly apologize and stay home! Missing 250k and 1 basketball game is not that serious.

    The people you are pressing are with the business but more importantly the people that can profit are with the business as well. They letting you run your mouth intentionally. Don’t be dumb like Biggie!

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