Usher’s Accuser Wants $40 Million After Testing Positive for Herpes


The woman who accused Usher of exposing her to herpes in April 2017 is now saying she tested positive for the virus, and she wants him to pay up!

The woman initially asked for $10 million after having unprotected sex with Usher earlier this year. But after her STD test confirmed he passed the virus on to her, she wants $20 million for emotional harm and medical bills, plus another $20 million in punitive damages.

Should Usher have to pay $40 million for squirting his green discharge and infecting this woman?


    • How much u uwant if somebody screwed u for life.?Probably nothing from the way u talk u don’t give much value tu yourself.

  1. Shell be straight in valtrax the rest of her life

    Remembet folks even with genital herpes you can live a healthy positive normal life

    • Who wants to be on valtrex for herpes the rest of their life and broke maybe u , but not her.

  2. You all can make light of this shit all you want, but until you are in the person shoes who was not told by their partner that knows they have a contagious disease, you don’t know what the fuck you would do.

  3. You fucked up big time, usher….and it’s a great chance that she’s going to get that too.

      • Usher keep your dirty penis to yourself. Find a woman with herpes like you and live happily ever after. Stop acting like a homo that hates women.

  4. 48% aof Black Women Have Herpes !!! 100% Fact !!! Google Search It !!! ~ cdc P.s. These Golddiggers With Herpes (from unknown bodycounts) Have To Prove ” Usher Gave Them Herpes ” !!!

    • STFU Fool… the cdc is a gov’t website…the same gov’t who infected BLACK MEN with SYPHILIS!!!!

      So if their stats are correct, which they aren’t it means BLACK MEN are the ones who exposed them to it!!!!

      As proven by this asshole spreading it!!!!

  5. So all the women that screwed him are getting tested after the fact? This is gonna have a domino effect. I bet a man is out there right now trying to figure out how to sue for getting it from a woman who screwed Confessions Man.

    • As well he should be. Use same attorneys file class action suit break his ass.

    • Do you have them?

      And make sure you disclose your status to your partners!!!!

      Not like the nasty dirty bastards who don’t.

    • Thank you Chris. I’ve been saying that and it’s true. Your life basically goes back to normal once you are on the antiviral.

  6. While this woman testing positive for Herpes is sad, if Usher ends up paying her 40 million dollars for transmitting the disease he needs to fire his lawyers. This woman is also negligent here. Why do these woman keep having unprotected sex with celebrities/entertainers/athletes in the first place? She allowed herself to be exposed to any number of STDs when she let Usher inside her body without insisting that he wear a condom. And, now that her has lost the gamble, so to speak, she wants to get paid. Yes, Usher should *not* have had unprotected sex knowing he has Herpes but the women he has been sleeping with, are just as irresponsible. Can someone answer a question for me: is this the same woman who received the one million dollars previously or… Is this another woman?


      The onus is on the person who HAS THE DISEASE to DISCLOSE THAT to their PARTNERS!!!

      So having to pay all the women he exposed will be his reminder from here on out.

  7. How does she know Usher gave it to her? If she messes with married men I’m sure Usher ain’t the only one. And exactly how is money supposed to fix herpes?

    • LL, They can do a DNA match test to prove that she contracted herpes from him. Every herpes virus is unique to the person under a microscope.
      Without DNA testing no on would ever be able to prove who they got it from.

      The same applies to HIV.

  8. Usher just may have bitten off more than he can chew, and he can’ t spit it out. He choking on it. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds and how many women will come forward before this is over.

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