Blac Chyna’s New Boo & Crew Get Her Name Tatted

chyna boyfriend tattoo

The guy who was kissing all up on Blac Chyna in the video Rob posted is her new boo named Mechie. And she must’ve put the scammin’ kitty on him real good because he just got the initials “BC” tatted on his neck. And yes, he looks like he plays for the other team (just Chyna’s type).

But that’s not all. Her son King’s nanny and Chyna’s makeup artist got matching “BC” tatts too!

WTF? Is Chyna out here runnin’ a sex cult too?

Somebody check on Rob!


  1. All these people are going to bleed her dry, sell her out and write a book her…like she is talking about doing to them other folks.

    • Exactly!!!! Her payback is already on the way back to her and she can’t even see it.

      Those ppl don’t love her they’re desperate for money, cause I would never tat my boss, best friend, boyfriend name on me, that’s sick!!!

      And the boy is clearly Gay!!

  2. THis bitch must have been given vaccine against the hiv virus or knows something . Every single guy she’s been with looks questionable . awhh couldn’t do it

  3. Um are we sure blac chyna is a biological female? I have never seen a woman so attracted to questionably gay men in my life. That dude right there is without a doubt a queen

  4. Is she turning into a copycat brand like her old ‘family’ with all these photo ops and shyt!

  5. Def THIS IS VERY OBVIOUS, SHE seems like one of those type of women that are attracted to HOMO thugs, Gay Ass Niggaz that play for the other team, smh I don’t see the appeal here that she has for those men but I figured perhaps its the challenge, she wants to be the woman that was able to turn them back!!! hmm who knows but def its obvious SHE LOVES FAG LOOKING NIGGAZ!!!

  6. Wtf that boy is gay as hell and if I was Rob I’d be running to a Dr immediately. Chyna is playing a game of tag with the grim reaper from messing with gay guys to threating the kartrashians that whole family is Omen and everyone around them is just as fucked up as they are and worst.

    • Rob is also questionable. In some of the episodes of keeping up with the ks. I noticed they way he was on the ground wrestling with the father of his sister children, which didn’t look right. I will not be surprise if he also had a thing for Lamar o. He was all up in Kloe’s house acting like a groupie. Chyna knows what she’s doing with her nasty ass

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