Chyna vs. Rob: Physical Abuse, Butt Injections, Drugs & Cheating!

rob kardashian blac chyna abuse

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashians’ romance has taken another turn for the worse. So grab your popcorn!

Some of the highlights: Rob decided to air Chyna out after she sent him a video laying up with another man on 4th of July. Chyna is cheating on Rob with everyone and letting multiple men hit it raw! Rob paid over $1 million on Chyna’s lifestyle in the past month, and he also accuses her of doing X and cocaine.

Chyna then claimed Rob physically abused her during their relationship. Sip the tea:

rob chyna


rob chyna

rob chyna

rob chyna

rob chyna

rob chyna

rob chyna

rob chyna

rob chyna

rob chyna

rob chyna

blac chyna rob abuse

blac chyna rob physical abuse

rob chyna

rob chyna


  1. his sisters tried to tell him she was a ho before he got with her , all these white women and he had to hooked up with a nigga from the hood . she stuck her tongue in his ass and he went crazy . nope no sympathy from me

    • All them k bitches are hoes too including rob’s fat ass & who you calling a ngga?

      Them bitches are dying to be everything you called that woman, but because they are NOT black it is okay for them to try to be & profit off of it? GTFOH you fucking SELF-HATING COON BITCH! Do us all a favor & go fuck yourself with a barbed-wire bat.

      • @ 15:53 PREACH!!! I MF love you right now! Get Em!!!

        Kim kardashi-hoe is now a certified porn star and that is the FOUNDATION of how the k-clan made their come up. But because she’s a neanderthal with horse mane on her head, wears expensive clothes, perfume and jewelry – certain types get so blinded.

        The white bitch is the pioneer and corners the market on the most heinous SLUTery ever and usually puts it out like it’s normal. I don’t recommend going in life the way Chyna has, but she is the product of system failure (family unit, black community, black peoples’ history, etc) and has had to survive.

        These white bitches were born into a family with a high profile attorney father and they CHOSE the slut route bringing new levels of degeneration and acting as if nothing is wrong with it.

    • N word you say? I’m shocked that N E woman on the planet would F88k that fat goof ball, descendant of a darn armenian gypsy thief klan.

  2. sorry Rob but you were warned over and over and over and over again and again. she only has these things because you GAVE THEM to her as a gift. get a court order for child support and visitation and call it quits. listen to your family for once because a hustler knows a hustler and they warned you that she was hustling you!

    • that fool wants full custody. giving child support to a black woman??? racist low lifes would rather die than do that. they think GETTING money from black people is always the goal.

    • Yes, he was warned. But Kris needed chyna for ratings. It is all Bout the money.

  3. consider this – the boy has a PR machine run by this manager that spins all these stories. Certain news sites get paid to print the spin. Is it possible that this is the new spin to facilitate removing the baby, that maybe she only surrogated?

  4. Slut whore. Pick this ghetto bish from tge skrip club and give her a lifestyle her hoodrat ass could neva have in her wildest. Karma for the kardashians, kylie should have kept her mouth & legs closed, see what ur build-a-whore ass started??

  5. Simp I COULD OF TOLD YO ASSS SHE WAS A HOE, SHIIT, CAN’T STAND THESE DUMB MOTHER FUCKERS THAT TRYNNA WIFE THESE HOES, AND PUTTING THEM ON A PEDESTAL N SHIIT , n then they get mad when they find out that the bitch was a hoe fucking other niggaz on the side while his ass is at work n shiit smh Daaaam ‘CAN’T TURN A HOE INTO A HOUSEWIFE”.

  6. To all you ignorant MF talking shit about this woman, that man chose to lay up with her and create a child, just to spite his family.

    He knew who and what she was, so the onus is on him! No one made his fat ass do shit! Now he has to live with the consequences of his decision.

    Every last one of those bitches do everything in their power to emulate us and appropriate our culture, yet you want to talk shit about this girl doing exactly what they did for a come up? GTFOH you fucking hypocrites…

    The only difference is they came from money which means they did not have to come through a strip club to make it, creating pornos was their ticket!

      • She ain’t fucked up shit, that fool is on the hook for at least the next 18 years.

        • That’s short sighted thinking.

          18 years? That’s not even a third ow hat years she has left. You always look at the long picture if you’re smart. Only dummies look at the short con.

          • STFU FOOL…

            I saw your “opinion” on the rg thread and you are NOT the one to tell me what short-sighted thinking is…

            Besides most “relationships” hardly last 18 years, so if she gets that much out of him and does the right thing with it, that WILL be enough, BITCH!

  7. Robs dad was a simp Kris was a ho rob being watching his sisters and mom take black divk for years then his step dad was a simp a cucl then became the biggest bitch our there so yeah rob was gonna be a simp ass MF everybody know chyna was a hoe she already had one child now he gotta pay her for eighteen years while she fuck all these dudes in his face and Then the dudes she fucking asking him for money cause he can’t afford chyna

    Rob just pay your child support and move on best you can do irsvnit too late rob can still find another woman he had plenty of women in the past of all women he could have gotten with he chose a bisexual stripper

  8. That ROB paid for? Since when does Rob have a job or earn any money? Get real – your mother and your sisters paid for all of it and gave you handouts, you pathetic jobless moron.

    • Just because it’s family money doesn’t mean he’ a broke moron. He won the lottery being born into a family which is worth hundreds of millions. I guarantee his trust will cover all his spending for a lifetime.

      You do realize that there are some people who never work a day don’t you?

  9. Rob you do know she was a stripper right? This is like going to a water park and being mad you got wet, wtf??? Lol like duhhh nigga, SHES A STRIPPER!!!!!!!

  10. I feel like the fararri dude was trying to help him, but Rob don’t understand China is a hoe. And he probably don’t understand because his sisters and mom are the same so he think it’s normal or something

  11. Chyna had the ultimate come-up. Rob paid for everything: luxury car, new body( ass, titties, face, whole-being). I thought this was the strippers dream to find a captain-save-a-ho from the pole. She’s dumb as hell. She should have enjoyed all the riches that was given to her. I doubt that she find a man as giving as Rob was ( see last pic of gay looking man in the bed above).

    Nope, Chyna played herself. Now his sisters and mother is gunning for her.
    Where is her mother?


    • Where is he going? No where.

      Rob played himself, trying to be evil and vindictive to spite his family.

      This fool is sprung, no non-whipped man does AAAALLLL this BS showing his ass and acting like a fool over a chick who played him and even after AAAALLLL this he will still take her ass back and she knows it, that is why she is doing this shit…because she CAN!

  12. Chyna gonna get child support regardless so looks like rob is gonna have to bitch about his problems for 18 more years

  13. She is ugly and stupid. She will never find a trick who can do for her what he can.

    She should be in the stupid ho Hall of Fame.

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